12004800_791535124308021_2078250650453399215_nOne Day in Paris, a novel by Andrew Brel

One world changing roller-coaster year in the life of former soldier Dan Blake.  An action thriller with guns and romance and killing for profit within a satirical examination of conscience, consequence and reward.

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ebp2 The Emergency Bouzouki Player by Andrew Brel (2016.)

A story of conscription in the South Africa’s Apartheid War during the height of the 33 year  ‘Border War’, 1979 – 1980.
Two years at war with the South African Army by an unwilling conscript.

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Laguna by Andrew Brel and Richard Niles. Music for Meditation, Relaxation  and Wellness

 66 minutes of ambient new age composition. Music for meditation, relaxation and wellness.

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