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My AMAZON authors page is here.  Where you can buy my 3 Big books and 4 Short stories from AMAZON. Almost anywhere in the world. (Excepting all Muslim Countries where I am a forbidden author.)

My 2019 activism blog ‘Letters to Byron’ is updated weekly, for anyone interested in British family-law and the miscreants abusing children in this arcane bastion of perfidy.

My andrewbrel.com page has passed the million reader mark, (on the unique visitor counter) since I started the wordpress version in 2014.  Averages at around 250,000 readers a year with a marketing budget of zero dollars per annum. Most of the visits are related to the two blogs.

You can reach me directly using Facebook private messaging. Weddings, Bar mitzvahs, funerals, dog owner training, negotiating rights to any of the stories for TV series, or as an expert witness in family court;  six specialties for music or talk. Or both.


And for those of you who wrote to me saying, “how can I thank you for your service”
I have created a Paypal ‘thanks jar’. Because? why not. Over one million reads on my blog must be worth a pint of recognition to someone?

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