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My 2019 activism blog ‘Letters to Byron’ is updated weekly, for anyone interested in British family-law and the miscreants abusing children in this arcane bastion of perfidy. It is a unique Blog, read subject to Terms and Conditions. Possibly even read by ‘my beautiful Byron‘ himself.

IMG_5640andrewblackgtr_HDR_HDRAnd in current musical news my 11th album of original meditation music is underway. Still untitled, but features my Black Guitar. A recording inspired by the excellent work done by a local luthier on my Black Stratocaster from my gigging days. A guitar that has been in storage for over 20 years.  After a clean up, a reset and a restring, it played so good I decided to use it as the base instrument for a new album of meditation music. First time with an electric guitar. All the previous ten albums have featured Taylor guitars, mostly my Taylor NS72. This Black Strat was my my 23rd birthday present from my then girlfriend Catherine Smith. It  is from a Japanese batch made in 1981 by Casio in a short lived Midi guitar experiment. The midi part failed, the tracking was too slow, but the actual guitar was amazing.  JJ Cale bought one identical, and like me, he replaced the pickups. One of the three original Casio pickups that I replaced is a 1984 Dean Markley purple over-under humbucker. (Looks like a single coil but its actually a humbucker). That pick up in that solid body of heavy wood has a coil setting that is extremely round. A delicate attack phase and a long sustain tail. Unlike anything I have found on any other combination of pickup and guitar.  It lends itself to the type of finger played open tuning that most benefits meditation music composition of the style I explore. The writing process has no script or primary intention. It is just a tempo setting, with a click in a time signature, usually 4/4 or 6/4. And then I play the first thing that comes into my head from my subconscious. I don’t even decide on a key. Just sequences of notes that sound pleasing to my ear and require no conscious effort to play.
I have completed the first seven guitar tracking sessions and I am super excited about it. Good pitching. Good timing. Good intention and good neutral emotion.   It is something to be playing the same guitar I played like 7 nights a week for years at gigs, after a 2o year gap. Its a guitar with a story and a lot of players provenance despite it’s unglamorous appearance and cost.  I hope that the base sound carries though in the compositions and the production process. I am aiming for minimal processing. I hope to finish the production before the end of this year. Although this type of music can never succeed with a deadline.
Meanwhile my last three album releases are  appearing all over the place on playlists on streamed media. Spotify, Pandora, YouTube……. The most played is Sol Serenity off ‘Meditation and Tranquility‘. Approaching 300,000 hits.

And I see my andrewbrel.com page is soon to cross the million reader mark, (on the unique visitor counter) since I started the wordpress version in 2014.  Averages at around 250,000 readers a year with a marketing budget of zero dollars per annum. Most of the hits are related to the two blogs.

You can reach me directly using Facebook private messaging. Weddings, Bar mitzvahs, funerals, dog owner training, negotiating rights to any of the stories for TV series, or as an expert witness in family court;  six specialties for music or talk. Or both.


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