Byron's first steps. 2010. Almost as tall as a ukulele

12 September. Day after 11 September

Hi my beautiful Byron,

Today finds me in California, at a coffee  shop, writing a piece about 911. September 11, 2001. Years before you were born. Two years before I met your Mother. I was living in my lovely home on the Thames Riverbank, where we lived together for four years before (you know what).
Around ten in the morning I saw the news about a tower burning and turned on the TV and awhile later I watched as the plane flew into the second tower.
Well. I can tell you I had never seen anything like that before. Although it was horrifying to see almost 3,000 people die horribly live on TV, my first thought was, there is something fishy about this. The building fell straight down in a perfect line. And quicker than you could say ‘controlled implosion’ America was bombing Muslim countries.  Spending trillions of dollars on revenge war. Against Iraq, who was not even involved in any way. It all became very misleading except for two facts. Many millionaires were made from the money the Government spent on these wars. And the second fact is, many hundreds of thousands of children died horribly. One of the things about war that happens everytime.



So every year they fly flags and shine lights and so on. But I try to not think about 9/11. I have more important concerns of my own. Like how to get to see you this December during your holiday. I want to plan nice stuff for us to do. And to do that I need to know the dates you will be allowed to travel.
Maybe your headmaster can help us?
You should be able to leave the day after you break up. And return the day before the new term starts for 2020.

I will keep trying to make that happen. I am writing to the Solicitors Regulation Authority, who check up on bad family-lawyers, and naming Tom Amlot for his ethical breaches in working so hard to stop you from seeing me. I hope they will investigate and possibly assist us in being together again.
Its really not normal nor is it right that a family lawyer behaves as he has done in the name of British family law.

I will keep you posted on their reply.bbb_c8761e3e7f_k

Miss you,
Love you,




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