At home in California

15 New Years eve. 2018

Bunny. 2011

Bunny. 2011

My beautiful Byron,

It’s the last day of 2018. Another whole year where we have not spoken or seen each other.  I have thought through all that I want for 2019 and my New Years wish is that I do not have to write these words again on this day next year.

It is simply awful that you are not here with me now. And that Tom Amlot, Michele O’Leary  and Charlotte Adler have got away with preventing not only your visit here this December, but not even any time together for another whole year.

I will be doing my best to change that in 2019.

Tonight I am going for dinner with Steve and Linda, my friends from Sherman Oaks. Although we are not likely to stay up until midnight to open champagne and toast the New Year.

Meanwhile, its a normal working day for me. That ole deadline still out there. Another 4,000 words to go today.

Miss you,

Love you,



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