1st April. 2019. Wallace's birthday

1st April. 2019. Wallace’s birthday

wally01_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

Every year the 1st of April comes around and people think of April fools day. But I remember April 1st 1998 primarily for one reason. That was the day Wallace was born.

Eight weeks after that day my girlfriend, Emma Jarvis and me, decided to get a dog. Emma, who was then my girlfriend and love, living with me in Riverbank, wanted to get married and have a child. I did not. Our compromise was to get a dog ad see how we did from there. It’s funny to think, had I agreed then, you might have been Emma’s son. And things would have been very different for me and my son.

So, 8 weeks to the day after April 1st 1998, we bought Wallace. He wasn’t called Wallace. On the drive back from the breeders home in Godalming to Hampton Court, this little dog was so brave, we both thought of William Wallace. Braveheart. That’s how he became Wallace in the forty minute drive to his new home. We researched Schnauzers from the kennel club and Emma found the breeder in Godalming, Wallace was the odd one out in a litter of 8. The perfect fit for both of us. Boy, we loved that little pup.wally02

Emma was a great mother to Wallace for the next year and a half. And then the day came when we had to decide. She wanted to have a child and get married. I did not. And the right thing to do for the highest good for both, was to separate so she could follow her dream. She was a super lovely girlfriend who I wanted to be with, but I already had John. And I could not at that time see myself going through being a daddy again.

When we separated there was the matter of visitation with our ‘child’. Beautiful Wallace. Also, Emma had lived with me in my home in Riverbank, where you were born and lived for 4 years. So when Emma left there as the matter of deciding who should raise Wallace. Who was just 1 and a half years old. Emma could have gone to court and sued me for any number of reasons reflecting a personal greed. But, of course, she did not. It tales a special kind of person to do that.

Emma was a very special person. She thought about it and decided that Wallace would be happier with me. She was working (As a lawyer) and realized that with her, Wallace would be alone a lot while she was at work. A bit like leaving your child with a carer while you are at work. She also knew that I am very good as a carer. Emma told me that she wanted to leave Wallace with me because it was the right thing to do when putting his best interests first.

abandwallBecause of Emma, and to be fair, as well as the several girlfriends I had before her who lived with me in my home at Riverbank, I had the impression that all women are not by definition, deceitful conniving liars, but instead, kind and considerate humans who put monetary greed below the best interests of integrity.

Sadly in 2003 I met a woman who deceived me in this regard and for the first time in my life I got duped to a horrendous extent, measured by the fact that you don’t see me anymore. And, I do not have my home in England any more.

Sadly I made a very poor choice of who to help in 2003 and the only good thing I can say about the events that followed, is that I have such a beautiful second son, even though I could not afford the blackmail price of seeing you following the events of fathers-day 2013. Even though, after that horrendous blackmail, and the family-court work of Tom Amlot and Michele O’leary I haven’t been able to speak to you since 16 February 2016.

I still reflect on hopes rising above the disgusting reflection on British family law in the court hearing by switch judge Michele O’Leary, won by your mother,  which is at the opposite end of the ethical model that Emma, and my girl-friends before her, set as a bar for how women should behave. Not one has come close to the low bar set by this members of family-law, Adler and her friend Tom Amlot.

That is the good news and upside in this post. In a life where I have enjoyed many truly lovely women bringing great influence and impact, I can only look back at one really rotten egg. So that’s something.DSC02136

Wallace died 2 weeks after fathers-day 2013, when that person, Adler, left and took you to an address which she concealed from me, setting into motion a chain of events that have been catastrophic to your relationship with me as well as to the validity and credibility of British family-law.

But Wallace lives on in memory. And every 1st of April I remember his birthday. And how great it was that he was there for the four glorious years of your life that you lived with us before British family law put an end to that.

Do you know, Wallace was kidnapped once. Here’s that story.

Miss you.

Love you,




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