25. Monday 4th February. Robin Hood

25. Monday 4th February. Robin Hood

My beautiful Byron,

Monday morning, back from the desert.bowarrow_k

I looked for a picture to post today and found this.

Last night I watched the new movie ROBIN HOOD. It is a remake of the old story of Robin of Loxley, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. And falls in love with Maid Marion. They sure have some fancy new bows and arrows in that movie. For anyone who has felt the dark side of British law empowering dishonest people by legal office to persecute non-members of legal office, this movie has a message.

I wonder if you ever got to shoot a bow and arrow again after our fun at that Castle? That was four years ago.

That sure was a happy memory.

Watching ‘Robin Hood’ reminded me of the British way, where an empowered elite,  the judiciary,  are able to manipulate legal process for their own personal gain,  exploiting and stealing from the people who cannot defend against the weight of their legal office.  Unless you fight back, allowing them to get away with it under the protection of a legal office that entitles them to act illegally, then nothing will change. Perhaps that is why the legend of Robin Hood remains enduringly popular.

Hampton Court, 2013

Hampton Court, 2013

Of course I am disappointed by the parallel in our lives.  That Adler/Amlot and O’Leary, British family laws equivalent of the Sheriff of Nottingham, have managed to stop us learning archery together, or for that matter, doing anything together again.  Whilst they believe their justifications for what I call child abuse and theft, are secure in British family law, I noticed, the Sheriff of Nottingham had a similar confidence. While it is true I am disappointed at how British family law has prevailed in stopping us being together, I expect their reasons are not as secure as they believe them to be.  Maybe closer to the parallels with the Sheriff of Nottingham than they might hope.

There is a scene in the movie, near the end,  where Marion has to inspire Robin, just when he is feeling defeated by the weight of the courts evil prosecution. She tells him about the  about the spark-to-flame thing in the mines. Where the air is thick with flammable dust , all it takes at that moment in time is one spark and the entire area goes to flame.
All it takes is that one spark.
What if, it is illegal to fix family court hearings and stop children from being with their parents. All because they love money so much they place monetary gain above a child’s best interests?  If that is the case, the people who break the law this way, are in fact, criminals. Perhaps you will be that one spark that lights the flame on the awful profiteers who make fortunes in family law by stopping children being with their parents.standse_k_HDR

To me, it feels like having to write to you because you are not able to speak to me or visit me, while Amlot Adler and O’Leary carry on doing what it is they do in family law, even after the President of family law looked at the judgment of Michele O’Leary and found it flawed, awarding what is called ‘Permission to Appeal’ is all very wrong.
It abuses you. It abuses me on levels that you will be able to read about one day, and wonder how it was that Family law got away with such transparent criminality in what was  clearly criminal abuse of a court system; where one member of family law rewards another using the child as leverage. That child is is you. The accused in this story is British family law; and three members in particular. Adler/Amlot and O’Leary. Although the longer version of the story includes the names of their ‘collaborators’ in a £3 million scam. In which we have seen a judgment by Michele O’Leary so awful, the President of family law commented on it. And it has led to you not being able to speak to me or see me since 16 February 2016.

Pretty awful, that much we already know, but as I told you the last time we spoke, I will not stop my efforts to assist British family law with reform to end the child abusing judgments of rotten apples. Rotten apples like the members who worked so hard to earn so much by stopping you being with me. And eventually you will be old enough to form your own understanding on how British family law worked for you.

I enjoyed watching Robin Hood because in the end, the highest good always wins through. Love does conquer all. Love and courage. Criminals only prosper in the the darkness of anonymity and in the absence of resistance. For us, even when it seems that there is no hope, there is always hope.

Right now my hope is that you will spend this summer with me.

Today’s mail is short because I have some fierce deadlines this week. So I hope you will be able to see the movie Robin Hood, and enjoy the parable. There are some dark people in this world. None more so than in that arena called family court, where millionaires are made by abusing children. But, there is light. And lets keep looking in that direction.

See you on Thursday,

Miss you,

Love you,


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