28. February 14. Valentines day

28. February 14. Valentines day

bytreee82e2f6c_k_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

Well. Its Valentines day. So my valentine message is how much I miss you.

I found this picture from 2016. The last year we got to see each other. I have missed you every day since then. We were together on Valentines day 2016. Staying at the Four Seasons in Hampshire. I have such a great memory of how much fun we had. And on February 16th I took you back to Ann’s and we haven’t seen each other since.

I know you want to see me. You know I want to see you. And that will happen again. I am not going to give up on you.

All is well here.
We had a hurricane storm blow through last night. High winds and heavy rain. I felt very sorry for the birds. What do they do when this happens? They can’t fly. That’s for sure.

I15272375384_b956e597f8_k_HDR was on the phone with Chris and Anna earlier. Anna is 5 now. I may be seeing them soon because Yaya is not doing too well.
Anna went to school in red and white today, for Valentines day.

Well. It’s a short letter today because; I have a date night tonight and I must go get dressed. For Valentines. Yay. I get to wear a smart shirt.

See you on Mondays letter.

Miss you,

Love you.



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