29. Monday. February. Evzone

29. Monday. February. Evzone

andevzone_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

I have picked two pictures today. For my Monday time to sit here talking to you in this way. I always enjoy starting my week with a little time to feel I am talking to you even though, you know it has been more than three years since we last were together, or even able to Skype?

This picture is me at ten. You will be ten soon.

I had just flown to Athens, to see Greece, because my father wanted me to know how Greek I was. I grew up in South Africa, and I had never been to Greece. He felt it was important that I go, to learn about my history. It was an amazing trip. I flew on my own on a Boeing 707 from Johannesburg to Athens. A long flight. I remember it so well. In those days not many people flew long distance. Flying on my own at the age of ten was a great adventure.

Uncle Elias decided to reach me about the Evzones and that led to this studio photograph. That is a real sword in my belt. It was the first time I ever touched an actual real sword. I was a very-interested pupil of Greek culture. I was very lucky in both the opportunity I had as well as my great interest and love of learning.
I had six weeks to travel all around Greece and learn Greek history with Elias, who is a very accomplished historian. He was also at that time a General in the Greek airforce, so he took me to some NATO bases to watch military exercises. I saw a Phantom jet doing a simulated attack on a plane, being dragged behind another plane, so there was no one in it, and the Phantom, an American plane supplied to the Greek Airforce, fired missiles at it and blew it up. I got to watch this aircraft attack simulation happen both in the air above, live,  and also on the super radar screen they had. Like an early form of computer game, before they had computer games. NATO was a big deal then. Protecting against the threat from the USSR. The Russians, who were our enemies in the Cold War. Lots of history was happening then and there. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to travel and to learn from people who knew a great deal about a specific subject. It is important to learn from smart people. Not buffoons. I think the most I learned on that trip was how important it is to tell the difference.

The second picture I chose today is one I took of you in 2015 in Somerset.15707353600_df8a1d96d8_k Taken during one of the 19 visits I made to the UK to see you before even that opportunity for us to be together was ended by Adler/Amlot and O’Leary.

That is the bird keeper of Bovey, with a falcon. I asked him to pose with you after I had him give you a talk about hunting birds. You got to meet quite a few of his flock, varieties of Hawks, Falcons and Owls. You learned they have rather small brains, but they have some special skills. You got to stroke an Owl.

I do miss being able to show you stuff. I think Michele O’Leary, Amlot and Adler have made an awful mistake in interfering with your right to be with me. I tell everyone who will listen that it is child abuse. But here they just tell me, “What do you expect. It’s British family law.” Unfortunately I am unable to convince anyone that British family law is not an organization profiting from child abuse because I cannot find one single example in the £500,000+ of costs family law has taken from your inheritance  in which your interests were ever placed above financial benefit for members of family law. That is why I think people say a family court system that places financial demands above  the child’s interests is flawed and needs review. It is more important than anything to allow the child to see both parents. More important than making hundreds of thousands pf pounds of profit from membership to the family law club.

Being more optimistic, even if its unrealistic,  lets hope that this summer holiday see’s you with me. I am here and waiting hopefully although I will tell you, there is nothing more I can do to try and help get you to be with me after what Amlot/Adler and O’Leary have done so effectively.

So its just a hopeful wish that I will see you this summer. Not one I can impact on with cause and consequence.
A hope in words only. There’s nothing more I can do in terms of paying lawyers to try and force a visitation. The judge (O’Leary) has made a very clear ruling. And I am not going to be able to challenge that, even though I have written to the President of family law about what Adler/Amlot and O’Leary have done. Maybe eventually, that letter to the president will filter down? Let’s hope.

Summer holidays are four months away.

Miss you,

Love you,


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