28 May. My first letter to a ten year old

28 May. My first letter to a ten year old

IMG_4049_HDRMy beautiful Byron.

Ten years ago today was the most amazing day for us both. You arrived into my life. And we met for the first time.
I had music on for your arrival. Ana Vidovic playing Bach on guitar. It was love at first sight, although you took a few hours to straighten out from being Winston Churchill, you were super beautiful from the very beginning.
Every year since then we had a party for you on this day. Until your fifth. By then you had been removed from my life and all I could do was send you a gift through post. But that never reached you. So on your 6th birthday I tried again. That never reached you as well and by then things were so acrimonious between your mother and me, I knew there was no point in sending anything for your 7th birthday. Such was my confidence that you would not get it. I used to wonder what she did with all the presents sent to you that never reached you, but I don’t anymore. I understand why she did that. So I learned to just remember the happy birthdays we spent together and look forward to the birthdays we will spend together in the future.

wieke_HDRThe girls in the picture are Taylor and Ryan Heine. Do you remember them? From your visit to California. They are both so pretty. And they loved your English accent.
The  second picture is someone who asks about you all the time. That is Wieke, Masons mom. She is a very good doctor and a very good mother. And she was crazy about you when you were here.

I had a party for you last night and we raised a glass to celebrate your arrival at double figures. ten years old. Mason couldn’t come though because he was playing a tennis tournament, but Wieke said “make sure you send him my love. I miss Byron.” So I said, “Lets take a picture and I will send it to him“. There it is.

The evening was great, even though you weren’t there, I still feel as if you are with me.

I hope your day was fun and I can’t wait until we are together again. So does everyone else here who loves you and misses you.

Miss you,
Love you,



kumeka2cover_HDR copyOh: I finished my music record. 7 new songs with guitar and relaxing sounds. Good for listening to before bed. It is out on Spotify today here. That should play the whole record – lasts one hour. You need Spotify to play it. Its free. xxxxx

I will do some videos for it too. Here’s the first one in Youtube