33. March 3. Johannesburg

33. March 3. Johannesburg

IMG_3680anna_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

Monday finds me in Johannesburg. After breakfast I will head over to Yaya and meeting a doctor there.
Lucky for me I can write online to you. Last time I was here and I sent you a hard copy letter, they charged me $60 for delivery to England. There is a lot of crime in Johannesburg, and that means people steal letters. So you have to pay a premium price to have them guaranteed delivery. $60 for a letter? Tht’s what it cost writing to you in my visit in November 2018. I still never missed one Monday or Thursday though. And I am really enjoying being able to write like this, online, without having to pay ¢60 to a crooked postman and not even knowing if you would recieve my letters. This way, I know when I write to you there is a chance you will see it.

While I am here, I am coaching Anna in tennis. I have known Anna since she was born and we have a lovely time together.

Of course you know Anna is Maria’s daughter. You loved ‘beautiful Maria’. This photo of me with Anna is taken on the same sofa where you took this lovely picture with Maria.beautifulmaria_HDR copy

Chris always asks after you. Like me, he tried his best in family court to stop them doing what they did. We can hardly believe they have got away with what everyone here thinks is extremely wrong. Maybe they won’t though, because eventually ……….

IMG_3697_HDRI played basketball with Anna and managed to show her how to make her first hoop. What fun that was.

The weather here is super hot. Like 35C yesterday. Thank goodness for air conditioning.

Miss you,

Love you,