36. Thursday March 14. Traveling

36. Thursday March 14. Traveling

F46F2B16-0D83-4732-92B7-0027835649E6My beautiful Byron,

My trip to Johannesburg is over and I am headed back to California. Yaya is not doing so well. It was a challenging trip. 11,000 miles each way. Your godfather Chris is amazing in helping me.  And Nick is very special. Going  every day to help poor old Yaya.

Lucky for me there is wi fi on the plane, and they serve very nice food. So today’s ‘Letter to Byron‘ comes from a comfortable place. I am sitting right behind the cockpit, which is a nice seat. That is the pilot you see in the picture.

Here is  picture of my office for the next 11 hours. Although I plan to sleep pretty soon. After this nice glass of fine Sauvignon Blanc.  I was talking to the chap in the seat near me, who has a British accent, and we soon got to talking about family law in Britain.  He is British, but lives in California, and has not seen his son for 7 years, after a family court judgment that caused such animosity it ended his sons life with him.  He said ‘Forget Jimmy Saville, Family law is the biggest child abuser in the UK.’ He had a nasty greedy wife who took him to court and won a court order that stopped him seeing his son. He said ‘The judge was a corrupt idiot, and made an impossible ruling that meant, in the end, I decided to walk away.  There was no upside in staying to fight an endless war.”  He told me that eventually the legal fee’s cost him so much, he has given up trying to fight to see his son. Now he lives in California and has a new life and does not expect to see his son again. That was seven years ago. And he does not even know where his son is.
This is an all too common outcome from British family court judgments.
I am not like that. I have not given up, although I know that is very much the goal British family court judgments of the type affecting you and me, intend. It is not a coincidence that so many children are left abused by not being able to see thier fathers just so that members of British family-law can get paid loads of money.

Although I agree with my traveling companion that British family law has a case to answer, and in fact, agree with him that the culprits should go to jail for what they have done and continue to to, none the less, I believe you still remember our life together and that you will be with me again before you are an adult.

That’s why I still write to you twice a week even though I know how much effort  goes into stopping you from hearing from me. Do you know that Adler (as I call her although others use far worse names) refused to provide me with the address where you were on two occasions, totaling ten months. For ten months you could not receive letters from me, because I did not have your address.
Although I wrote to British family law and was told that the law requires the parent to tell the other parent where the child is, it is a fact that Adler, a member of family law, chose instead to make me spend a fortune on lawyers to force her to disclose this information. Although they say there are two sides to every story; In this there is one simple fact. For a total ten months of your life I was prevented from knowing where you were and unable to communicate with you. Unless I paid a six figure sum. That is the reality of British family law. (Google the word blackmail and see if you think it fits.) And why I am not alone in saying, it is an arcane system that abuses children and allows miscreants to abuse their membership of family law without censure, even when the facts of their guilt are glaringly obvious.

I know you will be hearing one side from your mother, the member of family law, who won the court case stopping you from spending even two nights a month with me unless I gave her £100,000, but I also know that you have your own brain and will be learning how to use it well. And you know that I am always here for you if (when) you are able to get to me. Even if it is just for a summer holiday. Or if you want to go to school in California and then visit your mother for summer holidays, that choice should be down to you.

53537397_10157393328151807_8610087540625506304_nI met with a few old friends of mine while in South Africa. Here is Angie Peach, who had a band called PEACH, when I lived in South Africa. She knows the whole story about British Family law and you. You will be amazed by how many people know the story of what happened to you. Who know all about  Judge Michele O’ Leary and the whole story of how your visitation with me was sold for money in British family court.

I think I am going to sleep now. It has been a long two weeks learning about geriatric care. Looking forward to seeing you in California this summer.

Miss you,
love you,





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