39. Monday. 25th March. Whales in Mexico

39. Monday. 25th March. Whales in Mexico

54525519_1774551402644279_4280763272216444928_nMy beautiful Byron,

Monday finds me sitting on a Patio in Cabo, which is on the Baja peninsular. The East Cape it is called. The long sliver of land that heads down the coast from California into Mexico, forming a long peninsular, where many people can afford to buy beach homes. I am staying with my friend Percy, who has had a beach house here for over thirty years. Percy has an ATV so I can zoom around the beach looking for whales in the Sea of Cortez, which is the water mass between the peninsular and the mainland. he has a Kayak, so yesterday I was kayaking in the ocean. Reminded me of when I grew up and I went with my friend Craig DeVilliers on all manner of kayaking expeditions into the deep ocean. This picture of a whale breaching is from yesterday when I was on the beach.55661584_10157426384411807_2571998619263565824_n

The waters here are famous for the fish. Tourists come from all over to catch these fish. Used to be they would hire a fishing boat and go trawling for ‘game fish’. That is big fish like marlin. However, in the past decade, poor management of the ocean resource means the fish have mostly gone. A few whales pass by, but the main game fish, the ones tourists pay big money to go catch, are largely gone. Theories for this abound. Mostly the blame goes to government for not regulating the fishermen. Who use high tech radar to find the schools of fish, and then pull the entire pod in one large net catch. As ever, it is greed and corruption conspiring to make politicians sell licenses to fishermen who then take the entire harvest of fish. Leaving nothing behind to replenish the natural balance in the water. The plankton, the basic food that the small fish like sardines eat which in turn attracts the bigger fish that feed on these fish, appears to have gone.

I traveled about 860 miles from Los Angeles to Cabo. On the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsular.

I traveled about 860 miles from Los Angeles to San Jose del Cabo. On the Southern tip of the Baja Peninsular. The East Cape is on that inside bit called ‘The Gulf of California.’

What is clear is that the stewards of this natural resource, the so called elected government, have failed in their responsibility. And that is a common theme in the world today as well as the reason why I am not going fishing on this visit to Mexico. Sadly, the way government works almost everywhere, is that they do not consider the environment when they can instead profit by way of greed.

Today I am heading south on the ATV (The beach buggy thing – All terrain vehicle) to a well known swimming spot about fifty minutes south on the beach from Percy’s house.

Visiting in 2015. On our way to see John in Southampton in the Mercedes covertible

Visiting in 2015. On our way to see John in Southampton in the Mercedes convertible. At the ‘Pig in the Forest’

I do wish you were with me, but then, that is my wish every day. I never seem to get used to doing fun things without you. Even though it has been so many years since the three members of family law who we know all too well, made such a great job of stopping us being together. Everytime I think of how much I miss you I think of family law and those three disgusting miscreants. And why they are not all in jail.
It is a funny world. But, like the fish in the sea of Cortez currently bashing away on the beach in front of me, whose natural order was destroyed by greed and corruption, we too will one day see those responsible for these greed driven, harmful decisions, made accountable.

In the meanwhile, I miss you.

Love you.