Uncle Lazaros

42. Thursday. April 4th. Santa Barbara

IMG_3921My beautiful Byron,

My letter today comes from a coffee ship in Santa Barbara. A pacific coast town to the north of Los Angeles, where we have come to visit. Looking west from here, there are 5 islands off the coast. Called the Channel islands. Ironically, there are some 24 oil rigs, drilling oil from the sea close to the land, while at the same time the area is a marine conservancy. Apparently, one third of all the food for the pacific whales and dolphins, grows in this area.
IMG_3928Its a super nice place to live, so it is an expensive town. Michael Jackson’s home ‘Neverland’ was close by.  Santa Barbara County, California, located at 5225 Figueroa Mountain Road, Los Olivos, California, on the edge of Los Padres National Forest. Lots of rich people have homes here. It is an area of natural beauty. Lots of wildlife.

IMG_3909And there are many vineyards. We went for a 20 mile bike ride around the vineyard area.

Every time I enjoy a nice life experience I wish you were with me, to share it. And it always strikes me that British family law is responsible for something that should be criminal.

Meanwhile, on the way to Santa Barbara I stopped to see your great uncle, my uncle Lazaros. He is 93. And has had to go to an old age home as he is so old he forgets things and needs care.

We took him his favorite chocolates. It makes him happy to see me, although, I think he doesn’t really remember who I am. All I try and do is make him smile. 93 is pretty old. He was born in Piraeus, and moved to California in the 50’s. All his family have since died, so he is all alone. Elias comes over from Athens to look after him, and arranged for the care home. Which has worked out well.

Uncle Lazaros

Uncle Lazaros

He is just one of so many family members who you have been prevented from meeting thanks to British family law.  He would have loved to have met you and I know you would have brought a big cheer to his final days. As I try to do. I like giving my time to bring some joy to old people. I used to make sure you joined me on this ‘help the aged’ visits of mine. Modeling behavior is one of the parts of being a dad that I enjoyed most.

Do you remember Peter Knight? Next door. ‘That beautiful golden haired child‘ he used to call you. He was so sad when you were taken away from our home. Peter had a lot to say about British family-law as well. And its deviant members. Funny enough, I was Peter’s carer (well, his primary responder) for many years and even visited him in his care home the week before he passed so we got to say a nice goodbye although by then, thanks to British family-law, and specifically Amlot, Adler and O’Leary, I was already no longer living in England.

Miss you,

Love you,