45. Monday. 15 April. Kira visit

45. Monday. 15 April. Kira visit

IMG_1539easteregg_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

Monday in Southern California finds me writing from a coffee shop looking out on a rather grey and chilly pacific.
Later on I am expecting your ‘great-uncle’ Elias and family to visit. They are in LA because other great uncle Lazaros is in hospice, and they are with him every day.

Last night I drove to Thousand Oaks, a town north of Los Angeles, to meet with my  ‘god-sister’ Kira. (Pictured with this giant chocolate egg.)
Kira has spent the past 6 weeks driving through America with 5 guys in an RV. (recreational vehicle). Including two cameramen, with super dooper high resolution camera’s and a sound guy. They are doing a movie for National geographic  about rattlesnakes. Every day they went to a different location in the American South, where they filmed rattlesnakes and stories about rattlesnakes. Kira is the director and producer with a strong social conscience. This week she flies back to South Africa and will spend many months editing all that film into a movie and it will be shown on National Geographic. Then people will know a lot more about rattlesnakes.

It was great to catch up with Kira. I have known her her entire life.
Imagine that.
Her mum and my mum, your gran, have been friends for 60 years. Your gran is Kira’s godmother.  Kira once stayed with me in my house in Riverbank about 15 years ago. She knows all about the Adler/Amlot/ O’Leary story, although we didn’t talk about it too much last night.
Funny enough, people who know you and me get upset by the subject of British family law and especially Adler/Amlot and O’Leary. So, its a subject that requires a delicate approach for its capacity to cause upset.

Maybe after 5 years, since you were taken away on fathers day, and three years after last minute switch judge ‘O’Leary’s offensive judgment, enough people know the story and find it interesting enough to mean it will be a movie one day. It certainly has all the right elements considering the corruption involved.

People love TV series about rotten dishonest thieving lawyers and judges who can’t spell and love to brag about partying and drinking champagne. Like this judge. Who made the judgment that cost you and me what it has. Michele O’Leary certainly makes an interesting character as the judge behind your judgment.

the public profile of  Michele O'Leary, the last minute 'switch judge'  whose judgment in 2015 contained 42 typo's.

the public profile of Michele O’Leary, the last minute ‘switch judge’ whose 13 page preliminary judgment in 2015 contained 42 typo’s.

That’s what gets movies made. real-life subjects people want to see in their TV series and movies. Ours has some ingredients that seem to attract interest wherever they are told. And if that leads to a movie,  wouldn’t it be nice of some good could come out of all this sorrow? I have someone working on that now. Hold thumbs.

For convenience, because Kira is still hard at work and doesn;t have a car, we met near her hotel in Thousand Oaks, at the Four Seasons Hotel. Close to where she is shooting with a ‘rattlesnake wrangler’. Four Seasons is the same Hotel group that we so enjoyed visiting in Hampshire. Remember? The Hampshire Four Seasons is my favorite Hotel because I have so many great memories of the times we spent there when I came to England to visit you and we had to stay in Hotels because Amlot/Adler and O’Leary prevented us from staying in my house?
Imagine that.IbdMG_2131
After ‘fathers-day’ and the flood to my house, when I moved to California, I traveled to see you – 12,000 miles, 19 times in two years.
Each time I tried to arrange visiting you, a long expensive legal argument followed.
On one occasion they (Amlot/Adler) allowed me 24 hours with you and for that I had to pay a legal bill of thousands. Because that’s family law and how they regard children’s best interests, and obviously Amlot/Adler and O’Leary felt it was in your best interests to make me have to travel 12,000 miles, to see you (Once for just 24 hours) and not allow me to stay in my own home, because of their court order.  That is why we ended up spending so much time in nice – expensive – Hotels. Like the Four Seasons. So we can both be grateful to Amlot/Adler and O’Leary for that. Not only did we have a great time in the Four Seasons, we also get a tremendous story out of how British family law works. Imagine a judge ruling that I could not stay in my home – that I bought in 1986 –  when I visited England to see you? Hard to imagine the thinking behind a judgment that makes it law that I cannot enter my own home? (But stil have to keep paying all the costs of ownership.)

It’s kind of cool in it’s own deviant way that the judge who ruled this also made me pay the legal bill to the lawyer, Amlot, who argued like a rabid dog to make sure every moment we spent together was kept to an absolute minimum whilst costing me a maximum legal bill. Which O’Leary made me responsible for paying, by awarding a ‘costs order’ against me.

The last letter you sent me. In 2016. When we had hoped to spend summer together before - well - Amlot, Adler and O'Leary.

The last letter you sent me. In 2016. When we had hoped to spend summer together before – well – Amlot, Adler and O’Leary.

For me that appeared very much like having to pay my sons abuser. It definitely increased the animosity between the parents, which, some say, family court judgments should try and avoid. But clearly this judge missed that message from the Law society guidance.

My reply after you last letter. For summer holiday 2016.

My reply after you last letter. For summer holiday 2016. But I guess you never received it by post. Because for 9 Months Adler/Amlot/O’Leary (British family-law) never provided me with your address. I did ask you know. But the way it works in family law is – it took 9 months to tell me. Obviously, you know by now, that visit never happened.

Never mind though. That’s a story for a different time and for your awareness of what happened,  is worth seeing in all it’s glorious detail, because it does get much better than the short extracts I share with you here.

Meanwhile, I remain hopeful that we will see each other this summer. In your school holidays. Even though, I know it is likely that Amlot/Adler and O’Leary will not change their position.  That would be like an admission of guilt, which they can’t afford. Especially as there is increasing press coverage of family court and their 100% involvement in parental alienation and child abuse in every disputed case. Which of course, Amlot and Adler chose to bring into their very own office. Family-court.

But you know I am always hoping to see you and believe it will happen eventually. I am not giving up on you, nor should you on me.

Miss you every day,

love you,



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You can help directly with a donation to legal costs. Even $5 makes a difference. Click PayPal logo