August 8th. Gun crazy

August 8th. Gun crazy

P1110630byronbeach_HDRMy beautiful Byron,

This has been a rather strange weekend. Although America has a lot of guns, more than any other country in the world, its not as if they get used all the time? But last weekend a few people did make some terrible decisions and there were a number of mass killings. Where some complete idiot takes an assault rifle and goes shooting people, just for fun really.

Although this has happened before, many times, last weekend was a bit different, because it seemed that the shooters were not doing it for the same reasons as previous incidences of ‘Mass killing’. They were acting in reaction to the presidents example. The US President, Trump, represents some values that we do not agree with. Like racism. It seems his racist speeches wound up this young man, who drive 600 miles to a border town, and shot up a store (Walmart) killing some people of a different race to himself, after explaining how he agreed with President Trumps views on racism.blakekindcover

What happened next is a bit unusual.  Although people have been complaining a lot about this guy and racism, this time ordinary people were really shocked. Maybe because of the direct connection with his speeches and people shooting other people. So the obvious solution to this is to change gun law. And stop selling military assault rifles to kids? And stop making racist speeches that make white people want to kill non white people.  Two things that seem obvious. And that I am happy to share with you as a common sense solution to a problem besetting a world you will be living in. We need to fix this problem, don’t you think? Racism and guns. Not a good combination.

P1110596This week, wherever I go, people seem very sad. Phyllis’ mum Marge (Grammy) even wrote to the White House, to President Trump, to tell her she was not happy with his behavior. Let’s hope that this wave of energy against this mans racist gun loving leadership ends soon. And people stop shooting each other out of racist hate.

I have been working long hours all week.  Writing loads. Working on the sales plan for my new book. And still writing parts for the next one. Yaya is doing well this week.  Chris is back in South Africa and Anna is very happy to have him back. We talk quite often on WhatsApp.


Miss you,
Love you,



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