Blake Sherman's AR-15

Blake Sherman’s AR-15

andrewgreen_HDRAs far as being a prolific writer goes, my claim is at best specious.

I always wanted to be a paperback writer. Since I heard the Beatles song. I think, like the pursuit of happiness, and owning a good drum kit, being a writer is a commonly held aspiration for everyone.

Unfortunately for this aspiration, I had a child young, and school bills, and a big mortgage all of which meant I had to work long hours. I had no passive income. I only earned when I did a gig or got paid for a recording session. When both of those happened at the same time, I was doing 16 hour days of work. All day in a studio, and performing 7 nights a week in smoky venues. A great way to spend my twenties, but a lifestyle with a very thick glass ceiling. And no time to write a 100,000 word book.

On the eve of my fortieth I resolved to change. No more cigarettes. And I would take the time out to become a professional writer. Phase one went well. I quit smoking for the last time thanks to my beautiful Irish friend. But then my house burnt down and phase two, writing my book, was delayed by building works.

Then finally in 2011 my first book was published. The EMERGENCY BOUZOUKI PLAYER After three years of virtually full time work I was able to put out a story I first began thirty years before. An anti war polemic. Because I am extremely anti war on almost every level. The only reason anyone would be pro war is if you have a vested interest in the markets benefiting from the manufacture and sale of products that benefit from war. That applies to the demographic of semi intelligent and upwards. For those below that threshold, Religion and patriotism means blind faith support for war. My book points out the connection between these various socioeconomic groups.
I loved the writing process. Every day in coffee shops, writing an average of 3, 000 words a day. I had a great editor to work with. John Oakley Smith. A legendery mind. I had tremendous support from my record label art director, Stuart Catterson, who created a fabulous cover.
I had a super launch in The Mada cafe, my home patch, attended by about 60 friends including Terry Day and Graham Preskett. I spent some months promoting it, did several interviews, and saw a little surge of sales in the Kindle version that made it “the best selling book about the South African/Angolan Border War.” Eric Clapton read it. What I lacked in sales numbers I made up for in the quality of the readership. I received many letters from readers touched by the book. Which was my big reward in the absence of  big money.

12004800_791535124308021_2078250650453399215_nThat then was my prolific first 4 years as an author.
My second book, I decided, would be a novel. Something suited to a movie or a TV series. I came up with a character based on people I have known. And Dan Blake accepted $76 million to mastermind a terror attack on Paris. Why would he do that? The answer is in ONE DAY IN PARIS. That was 2015.
And then I approached my third book. I had very much wanted to do the follow on for ONE DAY IN PARIS, but life events intervened. The scale of the third book was immense and would take more than three years of full time effort. So in the meanwhile I discovered the joy of the short story.

My first three, all priced on Kindle at under $3 are:

NolanCash copyNolan Cash. Bowling Green
The story of Nolan Cash and his 1957 hit song “Bowling Green.” Vardu Ghan And the keys for conduct, based on the book by Sucheta Gupta.
The story of a Chohan of the 8th Ray. An ascended master, known as ‘the reluctant guru’ whose light shines on Earth to uplift the willing.
dianesuttonDiane Sutton and the hanging judge. A story based on actual events in Britain’s family courts.
Poor Diane has a child with a divorce lawyer. Who takes her for a thoroughly unpleasant tour of British family-court.

And then from today BLAKE SHERMAN’S AR-15 is now available on Amazon, everywhere except the Muslim Countries.(Thanks a lot Salman the beheader.)
Its about Gun law in America. An American love story. And more specifically, thatandgun peculiarly American habit of school spree killing. I researched this subject in depth as you can see in this picture of me being offered an AR-15 because my Black neighbors, the schoolkids nearby, make such a noise I need to fix it. “This is what you need” said the NRA salesman.

BLAKE SHERMAN is just 15 and already aware that his options as a spotty, short, unattractive, unathletic geek means his ambitions for an imaginative sex life are limited. But he has one asset. He is the smartest kid in Scranton High. And his dad is a former Marine, so Blake knows how to shoot. And he has an NRA card.

blakekindcover BLAKE SHERMAN’S AR-15 is on Kindle at under$3. And paperback as well.
Its a concise summary of much I have learned about school spree killers and their motivation. And the gun laws that enable the NRA to prosper. You will know a great deal more about the AR-15 when you read this. As well as the prime motivation behind school spree killers.

It is no surprise that in the 7 days since this books release, there were three major spree killers, The Garlic festival, El Paso Mexicans in Walmart and Toledo, no sorry, that other one in Ohio.

Andrew Brel

Visit my Amazon page

Visit my Amazon page

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