A multi cultural power trio based in Los Angeles.

Formed by Dean O'Deville, and JoJo Flesh on 1996, FleshDevils were joined by drummer Spider for the making of their debut album - recorded in one frenetic week in 1996.

Bass player, songwriter and vocalist, Dean O'Deville, was born in Egypt of Greek parentage, raised in South Africa, and lives in Los Angeles. Previous bands include the highly rated (and controversial) 'Asylum kids', who enjoyed several hits in the eighties.

Guitarist JoJo Flesh was born in Portugal, raised in South Africa, and currently lives in Los Angeles. A professional musician since the age of fifteen, JoJo is widely recognised as a virtuoso guitar player.

Drummer Spider was born in England, raised in South Africa and Switzerland, and currently resides in England. Spider has played in numerous successful bands over the past decade, and appears on recordings totalling hundreds of millions of sales.

The FleshDevils album was recorded in Black Barn Studios, Ripley in 1996, by Robin Black, whose engineering pedigree includes albums by Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, Cat Steven's and Pink Floyd.

Produced by Andrew Brel and JoJo Flesh.

Twelve songs, performed 'studio live' with minimal overdubs. Intense, powerful, high octane.....

The first FleshDevil interview with Dean O'Deville and JoJo Flesh.

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