Mindwash is an all original set of guitar pieces, performed by Hugh Burns.
A mood album that cleanses the heart and clears the mind.


Twenty original compositions - performed Studio live by this outstanding player.


ABOUT THE TRACKS - In Hugh's own words.

INTO THE LIGHT a journey commenced. A travelers tale

DEDICATION life Wedding Song Troubadour songs/medieval dance Chivalrous Knights "Galliard" "Courante" Gigue

Another Country Road Collective unconsciousness joining one to one ~ one to all ~ all to one

OUR SECRETS Sacred song lines ~ marking ~ landscapes trails. Ancient footprints

Highlands Celtic memories: mountains & glens: coronachs ~ dirges. Ach larson cholum cille. The flowers of the forest are awede away

Cafe Montmartre Quiet moments contemplation time to think

Renaissance Minstral ballads Times past A new humanism? Continuing conversations started long ago. Sharing secrets known only to the few

Blue Espanole Things are changed upon the blue guitar.

Song for John Hearts Expressing innermost thoughts

Palms thoughts of Africa A remedy for darkness

Questions of The Night Forgotten dreams: language of the emotions Yesterday is but todays memory and tomorrow is todays dream And that which sings and contemplates in you is still dwelling within the bounds of that first moment which scattered the stars into space

WINTER all is change nothing is constant

Reverie Reflections giving thanks for another day

Andante slow walk taking different routes

Sound of The Sea sounds of nature melodies of earth & sky ~ song of the breeze ~ mistral viento ~ rhythm of the rain ~ voiceless rain

WHEN NIGHT TURNS INTO DAY Sufi mystics shedding light on the nature of sound

REFLECTIONS ripples on a pond moonlight in the mirror

Masks & Shadows darkness & light Consonance ~ Dissonance ~ Balance ~ Equilibrium: The enigma ~ life

Closing Time A stream of consciousness waiting to be released ~ waiting to be tapped