Jamming Frequency is an Instrumental album, comprising eight original pieces, in a modern Jazz vein, performed by four of the UK's brightest Jazz prospects.

Bassist Phil Mulford is well known for his considerable session credits. He works regularly as a touring player, currently with Elkie Brooks, frequently with Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia. Formerly Phil was a member of the National Youth Jazz orchestra, where he met the three other member of the Mulford Macfarlane group.

Over a period of many years the collaboration between guitarist Malcolm Macfarlane and Phil Mulford, led to the stylistic concept which has become JAMMING FREQUENCY.

Song based compositions, where the solo adds an element to the song, rather than, as is so often the case with Jazz recordings, just one long self indulgent solo.

Jamming Frequency is both accessible and articulate in the phraseology of modern Jazz, with rock style sounds being used to play over jazz style changes.

Malcolm Macfarlanes guitar playing, confirms his growing stature as one of the brightest prospects to emerge from the UK Jazz scene. A former graduate of Leeds Music Collage, and currently touring with Shakatak, Malcolm's stylistic development is evident throughout the album.

The traditional line-up of bass, guitar, drums and keyboards, is recorded in a virtually live set up, capturing a superb recording of a "performance".

An album for lovers of accomplished musicianship, and modern style jazz/rock compositions.