Consciousness raising meditation music by Andrew Brel and Hugh Burns.

CELTIC INSPIRATION draws on the ancient traditions of Celtic Music to evoke the spirit of the natural world. Bringing the peaceful tranquility of the Lochs and Highlands into your living room to enable you to connect with the wonderful energy of the Celtic traditions.

This Music is inspired by the life of Turlough O Carolan, the blind Irish harpist whose glorious approach to melody has visited us through the ages. Filling the well of the subconscious Celtic memory that exists in us all with his pure vision of musicality and connecting us with another side of our humanity. 

Zoe Zak, 17, appears on two tracks.

Alan Tarney provides a fabulous choral vocal on ‘Breathe’.



Previous releases.

Consciousness raising music by Andrew Brel.


Angels and Unicorns

New age meditation Music by Andrew Brel and Hugh Burns

This recording is a useful tool for self-improvement, made to encourage the journey to your inner wisdom. To help you transform yourself, and make the world a better place.
The notes, frequencies and tempos used in the recording have been woven into a harmonious musical blend incorporating only positive elements, to raise individual consciousness, align you with the spiritual laws and enable you to upgrade your life experience, helping you enhance and uphold a positive attitude and enjoyment of life.

This music offers you the opportunity to take time out, to consider who you are and what relationship you want to have with yourself.
It helps you to identify and release all that hold you back, and aspire towards the karmic bliss that awaits anyone who transcends their past.




The original angel music album, recorded in September 2001.

Seven inspirational pieces of channeled angel music for the seven archangels - Gabriel, Jophiel, Chamuel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Zadkiel.

Performed by Andrew Brel on acoustic guitar and Peter Stone on piano. Includes a wonderful recording of a Tibetan singing bowl.

"When I heard this music I was taken straight to the Angelic Realm" - Diana Cooper.

Runs for 72 min's.




Written and performed by Andrew Brel and featuring several inspired musical performances: Becky Whiting on flute, Pete Stone on Piano, and Leo Sayer on vocal.
Kumeka is a master spirit with whom Diana Cooper has been channeling for some time, and it was in this way that the request to provide a musical introduction for Kumeka came about.
Message from Diana Cooper:
"Kumeka, Lord of Light, is the master of the eighth ray, a new ray which has just started to shine down on Earth. It is the ray of deep transmutation, intended to bring about personal and planetary change in the New Age. The color of this ray is blue topaz.
This mighty Being came from another Universe to help raise the frequency of our planet, which is now urgently needed.
He can now work through millions of people at one time and seeks people of vision and higher light with whom he can work.
This beautiful music will help you to connect with Kumeka and do your part in lifting the consciousness of humanity. "


Golden Atlantis by by Andrew Brel

The Golden Years of Atlantis were the most spiritual there have ever been on this planet. This music, seven songs lasting for 72 minutes evokes the spirit of Atlantis.

Real instrumentation includes acoustic guitar by Andrew Brel, flute by Becky Whiting and piano by Peter Stone. Calm inspirational relaxing and uplifting melodic landscapes that will enhance your spiritual wellness.







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