Jeff. The hedge fund manager with good friends.

Christians for Trump

Alexander Acosta, now President Donald Trump’s secretary of labor, was the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida when he negotiated an end to the federal investigation of Jeffrey Epstein

Alexander Acosta, now President Donald Trump’s secretary of labor, was the U.S. attorney for Southern Florida when he negotiated an end to the federal investigation of Jeffrey Epstein

Drain the swamp? Trump sure did that. His mate Jeff chose well with his guest list.

Trump said of Epstein in 2002:

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

The eccentric pedophile hedge fund manager of billions, whose friends and party guests included Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew of the British Royal family, was admired, nay, revered, for trafficking minor girls, often from overseas, for sex parties at his other homes in Manhattan, New Mexico and the Caribbean, FBI and court records show.02trrr
Nothing to see here. Trump is a great leader and loyalty is a Christian quality. After all, Trump is chosen by god for his Christian white right-wing republican minority. We take the best and leave the rest when it comes to Christian belief ey?
Quite right Trump should make sure his friend isn’t inconvenienced by the Law.

if she wasn't my daughter

if she wasn’t my daughter

Trump could party with underage girls in a pedophile billionaires mansion and imprison a thousand black kids for smoking weed, while making sure his bud Jeff enjoys Republican indemnity, and not one Republican Christian right wing conservative would say one single word beyond criticizing this kind of libtarded post.

I wonder if Cohen will disclose how he made this one go away? A POTUS and a Christian choice tying up and raping a young girl for fun. That is some prime presidential level pussy grabbing. Can’t possibly be true. Michael Cohen will never disclose that one to Mueller.

Jeff’s friends are some of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people, from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump to actors, actresses, scientists and business tycoons.Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 14.44.54

A money manager for the super-rich, Epstein had two private jets, the largest single residence in Manhattan, an island in the Caribbean, a ranch in New Mexico and a waterfront estate in Florida. He had many guests at his parties.

Then there’s this lawsuit.

You has got’s to love the Christianity of it all.   100% of Trump trainers also believe in the invisible man. The one who hates woman so much he gave you a pussy grabber as his special choice. And you said. “Thank you Lord”.



Ghislaine Maxwell was super Robs daughter. (Super Rob was once Robert Maxwell. Who was the Trump of his era.) Similar age to myself and known to me from my time in the UK, where I was once booked by Adnan Khashoggi, uncle of Jamal Kashoggi, to perform at one of his parties, where I got to meet this stunner and appreciate her British ways before her bankrupting pop jumped over the sideboard of the ‘Lady Ghislaine‘ leaving many people financially ruined along the way, Trump style. Ghislaine left all that behind her, moved to the US, and became the partner and fixer for Jeff the hedge fund pedophile.

The Telegraph say:

In 1998 Ghislaine allegedly recruited 15-year-old Virginia Roberts, who used to work as Epstein’s “masseuse”. Miss Roberts has said she spent the next four years supplying him with sexual favours, and was flown to various locations to service different men, including one head of state.

She said: “She [Ghislaine] said she’d hit hard times. Jeffrey offered her a job and then, I guess, because of her ability to procure girls, she became a vital asset to him.

“His favourite was to dress me as a schoolgirl, in pigtails, pleated skirts and knee socks. He wanted me to look pre-pubescent.”

 All good now though. Ghislaine is a humanitarian patron of kindness to animals.

Ghislaines lawyers say, and I repeat here, they will sue anyone repeating the defamation that she once dated Jeff the pedo.

Lets be clear. I am not saying this in any way impugns Trumps Christian credibility. Or any of the good Christians who support him. They have nothing to worry about. Jesus forgives. The stairway to heaven is not going to be blocked for Trump supporters. How could they have known about his Christian behavior.

But if you read ‘FILTHY RICH’ by James Patterson (from 2016) you may well have a more informed opinion.

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