Love choices of fascist racist demagogues

Love choices of fascist racist demagogues

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 10.11.36Thanks to the most wonderful Jet Blue airlines free on-board wi-fi policy, I have twenty minutes flying time on the way to San Fransisco to share one story and here it is.

The women who are drawn to fascist racist demagogues, how they begin, the connection with urine, nude photography and how they end up.

Although I am thinking of Melania, with the assumption that this may be helpful, and  because I am not going to criticize any fit woman who uplifts herself by posing nude for a little girl-on-girl, I am in fact reminded of another attractive sexually-motivated woman in the context of nude photography, urine and the conclusion to a life spent underneath a fascist racist demagogue.

Clara Petacci was just 33 when she elected to flee with her catholic fascist racist demagogue master, who years later would be quoted verbatim by Trump in his ‘Better to live one year as a lion than one hundred as a sheep‘ tweet. But I digress.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 13.49.56Moments after her lovers death by bullet, Clara ended up shot dead by an Italian plumber named Moretti, who, as any respectful Catholic Italian would, honoured her vanity request to be shot in the chest and not the face. Shortly after which Clara, who it turns out was not wearing any knickers, found herself hanging by her man, upside down, being urinated on in a version of golden showers that you wont see in the executive suite at the the Moscow Ritz Carlton unless you are prepared to pay a lot more than Trump did for a similar service.

Catholic prudence of the day ensured that although dead Clara was hung next to ill Duce, her skirt (as the famous photo shows) was firmly secured by a rope to prevent her pussy being grabbed by any opportunist, or even offending any sense of decency by showing nudity. Kind of weird in its own sexually retarded catholic way. You can kill her, show the bloody wound through her exposed breasts, piss over the body, but for heavens sake, no va gee gee.

This all happened in 1945 because Italians had had enough of fascist racist demagoguery. And that’s why the inspirational narcissist Benito met his last photo opportunity. Outside an Exon petrol station near lake Como.

Then there’s Eva Braun. Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 13.39.58With every opportunity to leave her man, by this time in a bunker deep under Berlin as malice-driven bitter, angry Russian revenge rapists swept aside the kids and old men defending to the last, she chose instead to stay. A classic stand by your man moment. And what a man he was. He  married Eva less than forty hours before he shot her in the side of the head. His last decision as führer before firing the next round from his 9mm Luger into his own head. A clean break settlement with no legal wiggle room.

Their relationship possibly included urolagnia as a similar attraction to that offered by the Moscow Ritz Carlton to Melania and her husband. (Although we should accept the possibility that this was Churchill inspired propaganda.) Eva met Adolf when she was 17 and, was, of course, a photographic model.

Like Clara, Eva was a member of the 33 club. Both were 33 when meeting the consequence of a poor relationship choice. Both chose catholic partners. Funny that the great fascist leaders are all Catholic. And so are their followers.

Something for Melania, who is very religious despite her communist upbringing, and does a spanking version of the Lords Prayer before Donald’s clan meets, in her husky Slovenian accent, to consider by way of similarity with two women who walked a similar path. Although it must be said, Melania’s version of stand by your man is a little wanting. Can’t see her sticking around when the hammer falls.

e07689a8983b0d9f367a4b2ff0839454Melania, Eva and Clara. Three women with nude modelling, urolagnia and a bitter-sweet end to the love of a racist fascist demagogue in common.

Unlike Eva and Clara though, Melania has made it way past 33 and unlike Eva and Clara, Melania doesn’t have the advantage of an attractive intelligent and stylish man. Hitler had Hugo Boss to dress him. Mussolini was a typically Italian stylist. Trump is a 6.3 239lb man who clearly isn’t. Mussolin and Hitler both spoke magnificently. Booming articulate orators who could move crowds to ecstasy, significantly because Benito and Adolf both had big hands. Trump has only very small hands and although he uses his small hand gestures to assure the clan that ‘there are no problems down there believe me‘ many do not.

Benito and Achile in happy times

Benito and Achille in happy times

And here’s a wonderful tragi-comic footnote to the Benito and Clara wee wee story that no anti bellicist could fail to appreciate. Achille Starace. An ambitious handsome young catholic fascist who gave his loyalty to Mussolini had the misfortune to go jogging on the very day and in the very area where Benito and Clara were being strung up in the Exxon station. “He would not breathe without permission from Mussolini” said his daughter. A loyal religious fascist. A bit of a Pence in his way. Pre Pence.

Poor Achille the religious fascist was recognised by the baying mob as he jogged along that morning, by sheer coincidence right past the stringing up of Benito and Clara. He was grabbed by the enthusiastic Catholic communists high on the blood of political change, shown the dead urine stained corpse of his former idol (whom he saluted) before being himself executed and strung up right next to Il Duce. A compliment in many ways although Achilles probably should have stayed home that day.  Catholic fascist version of karma.  Right place right time.

Here they all are on that day in a very famous photo, best viewed very small.Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 13.35.33

From left to right, the dead bodies of Bombacci, Mussolini, Petacci, with her skirt tied to preserve her modesty, Pavolini and Starace in Piazzale Loreto, 29 April 1945.

It is not less than predictable that when researching the fascists of that era, without exception they were Religious, their followers were religious, and their quest was in God’s name.

The other two men honored  to be  strung up that day next to Mussolini are Nicola Bombacci  a religious former communist turned fascist. And Alessandro Pavolini. a very brilliant lawyer, a very cruel man and a very religious fascist. Who died in Lake Como after an Italian Mexican standoff. A character of great charm, who wooed the movie star of the era and founded the Black Brigades. A fascist gang  of some distinction, who wore a death skull emblem on their caps, much like the Gestapo.

You cant make up stuff like this. Or can you.

How will it end for Melania. And the Trump friends?

Ends 1,000 words


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