Timothy 'Dusty' Miller, 66, says 'LEAVE MEANS LEAVE'.

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636017828445127749-AFP-553101450As the reality of Brexit sinks in, the contrast between an opinion formed on a foundation of fact has never stood more glaringly against the opinions of right-wing white supremacists.

Of Brexit and Brexiters, who I have taken to blocking on social media with the same enthusiasm as their racist American Conservative counterparts, I have this opinion to offer in the example of  today’s meet between Merkel and May.

How would Angela, 64, and super smart even before coming out strongly against apartheid in the 70’s, explain to Theresa, 62, and remembered for her loyal support of the National Party’s apartheid policy in the 70’s,  explain British pro Putin folly.

Here is the Werner Schmitzenkopf translation of Angela’s meeting notes.

“Shooting your self in the foot because you have a grievance makes it difficult to walk again. In locomotion as in life harming yourself to make a point is only ever the choice of an idiot. And only ever goes one way. Your policy makes Britain limp again.

Although, as with Trumps voters, I concede, your choice to make Britain white again is a good racist crowd-pleaser lifted directly from Mercer’s gift book for Putin’s winning plan. It is your sole deliverable Brexit promise.
Pleasing the racists has been your conservative winner on every occasion since you adapted an electoral system to supplement rule by King. You think, and you are probably right in that you can’t afford to lose them now. After all, they are the reason you are PM. But perhaps, it’s time to put racism in your national past. Accept Raheem Stirling as  British First and a coon second.

Timothy 'Dusty' Miller, 66, says 'LEAVE MEANS LEAVE'.

Timothy ‘Dusty’ Miller, 66, says ‘LEAVE MEANS LEAVE’.

If Brexiters are so confident of winning a second referendum why not set the date immediately?
You would have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Your first referendum was rigged. It does not honestly represent the will of the British people. The lies glare like coonskins in glory years of Maryland. Perhaps, even your most idiotic voters will understand the example of Boris and his Red NHS bus?

If Brexit is so attractive to a majority where is the one good reason they can provide to balance the 22,500 good reasons to remain?  Of course racism is excluded from your possible answer here. That is your secret to keep.

Why+are+Brexiters+so+incoherently+angryIf the economy which affects the majority has so benefited by Brexit why is the pound falling through the floor? With no bottom in sight. Economists agree unanimously that Brexit will keep impacting negatively on your economic growth. You have no trade agreements in place. You have no plan even for the UK Airline landing rights in EU Airports.

You have effectively handed over power to the very people your right wingers claimed were ruling you unjustly.

Every single economic indicator suggests what is obvious to any rational adult who is not a right wing conservative idiot. You cannot point to one real positive to defend the charge that you are visiting a lifetime of austerity to your current school generation.636023624610988691-AP-BRITAIN-EU-PHOTO-GALLERY-82877162

The pound, according to Brexiters promises should be around $2 right now. Today it is $1.25

If Brexit was so clever, how come the most intelligent Brits represent one side whilst gormless dolts populate the other?

And finally, just look at the appearance differences between Remainer’s and Brexiters.
If you don’t believe me, trust your lying eyes.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.24.22Your ‘Nige‘ is not an attractive human being. Ugly inside and out. Like the orange American mobster he consults with, Farage represents the worst of nationalist dysfunction.

Don’t believe me? Consider this fact based opinion by an attractive intelligent Brit.”


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