Hampton Court Studios 1986

Hampton Court Studios 1986

1989andchair_HDRThis picture, taken by Ronnie Johnson, is me in the window seat at 7 Riverbank, in September 1986. One year after I arrived in England from South Africa.

Ronnie was one of the first friends I made after I moved to England. I was 25 at this time and was excited to have a recording studio in my own home, having managed to buy my first home (and studio) one year after arriving in the UK as a performing musician.

The first Hampton Court Studio had an 8 track half inch Revox and a 24 channel Studio master mixing console through which I recorded the songs I was writing at that time.  The  song I was working on that day, with Ronnie, was called “Stranger”. A song about injustice that I had written just days before.

Jumping forward to 2017, the song we were working on  when this picture was taken is available for the first time, on a remastered release of the songs I wrote during the 29 years I lived in Riverbank, before the theft of my home in 2015.

The album is called ‘Riverbank Songwriting’, and the song ‘Stranger’ is track 1.

Here is the song on iTunes.  And Spotify.  And CD Baby