Patrick the cyclist on his final leg

Hello my fellow psychoyellow

Andrew in fluorescent yellow biking jacket

Andrew in fluorescent yellow biking jacket

This morning it was back to work and  I headed down to PCH to make the first of my daily work decisions.
Left or right.
I chose left and rode in today’s first chilly winds of winter for about fifteen minutes, grateful I put on my bright high viz fluorescent yellow top for its warming, wind-breaking qualities, before stopping at today’s office, Starbucks.

Barely had I whipped out my air book and logged onto Google Starbucks when a cheery voice said
Hello my fellow psychoyello” and a similarly attired man in a yellow top took the table next to me.

A friendly fellow writer I thought.

We both worked in silence on our Starucks tables, me on my Mac Airbook, he on a small iPad with a folding keyboard case, until three hours later, work done, I got up to leave and out of courtesy, because I am like that, said
Safe journey. Do you have far to go?

To which he replied.

No, just 34 miles to Oceanside. Nothing really”

You must cycle a lot if 34 miles is nothing?”

Well, funny enough, its the last 34 miles after doing a figure of 8 ride across the USA. 10,000 miles since February, of last year and Oceanside is my last stop. I will be at my journeys end today.

So, to clarify, my five minute meet today with Patrick revealed.

Patrick is a male nurse and care assistant. In New York, some two years ago he was offered sponsorship to raise funds in the care sector by cycling across America. He did not do it for any publicity. Just decided to cycle in a figure of 8 around Northern America. Paying his own way, for a charity benefit.  Non-stop for almost two years. And tonight it is all over.
His cycling adventure comes to an end.

Patrick the cyclist on his final leg

Patrick the cyclist on his final leg of his 10,000 mile bike ride.

Assuming that is, he makes it to Oceanside, 34 miles from here. Can’t take anything for granted on these deadly roads.

What next?

Patrick plans to sell his bike plus all the parts. All ‘top of range’ for this long distance cycling. $2,500 the lot. And fly to Missoula to get a job in the care sector. He will not road-ride any more. It’s too dangerous, but he may well take up mountain biking.

Where did you sleep?

Warm Shower. Have you heard of it? A cyclist community, basically like free air B n B. People who like the cycling things offer you a sofa to crash on or whatever. It’s been great.

Do you listen to music while you cycle?

No. I listen to the sound of the next truck trying to kill me. Alert at all times. It’s life and death.

I asked for a photo and here it is.

Patrick doesn’t do social media and is not interested in any publicity.

Just a regular friendly, thoughtful, polite and kind American you meet along the way that made me think.

If its true, we are who we meet, then I am glad I picked America.

Whenever I despair at the sorry state of the Government and their supporters in this state of hate that Trump/Brexit visit on us all, I am raised from that slough of despond by the fantastic people I meet every day to remind me that Americans remain all too often the finest quality people you could hope to meet.


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