How to stay healthy

How to stay healthy

IMG_4420 copyTDS Trump derangement syndrome is affecting more people each day. I see good friends ill with this disease. How, you might ask, have I learned to cope so well?

I have the answer. In a brief logical construct.
Trump is a symptom. Don’t treat the symptom, treat the cause.

First, identify the carrier.
Like any disease be clear on what you are dealing with. Then get rid of it from your infection zone. Create a quarantine area.
This, metaphorically, means have no contact on any level with any Trump clan member. Just say no.

Second. Do not allow this diseased ideology into your circle of trust on any level.
This means, do not engage or discuss or attempt to argue or convince any Trump supporter of anything.
Recognize what they are.
If it looks, acts and smells like a racist
If it looks sounds and acts like a sex offender
if it looks sounds and acts like a happy-to-cage-children blind eye
if it looks, sounds, acts and smells like ‘money above all is what matters most’
If it quotes right wing conservative sources
If it cannot spell or even write in basic English
If it has no recognizable picture in its social media ID
If it watches Fox news, ever
If it uses the word Trump in any context whatsoever excepting apology
Or if it pretends to be an authority on anything by simply forwarding the same tired ignorant politics of hysterical christian fascist dogma as every great fascist leader ever.

Then you know where you stand and what you do not stand for.

Once you create and maintain that bubble of separation, you will notice all symptoms of TDS disappear.
Health is more important than anything. Mental health. Even the lightest exposure to these people, sick with the disease of conceit, will bring a negative energy into your comfort zone. They are, without exception, mentally ill. They believe in fairy tales as real. They blame voices in their head for the evil they do. They do not account for their own morality. There is no upside to having any form of exchange with a single one of them. They contaminate. They are, as the last election winner observed, deplorable.
It is line in the sand time for good reason.
Your health and the impact exposure to this disease has on your your health.
Create and enjoy your bubble of positivity, with its boundary of good sense and thoughtful kindness through which not one of these diseased deplorables should pass. Ever.
Not even in the guise of a guest on Bill Mahers’ show.
I am proposing zero tolerance. Across the board.
If a tree falls in their forest, I will not hear it.
Starved of attention, they will wither, like fungus in bright sunlight after the rock is turned, and those with double figure IQ will learn how to behave as human beings. They want to be your friend in some weird way. Or, they want to have you validate their choice. Denying them the respect of a regular human being by total abstinence will leave the with time to consider among themselves the folly of a life spent in selfish ignorance.

It is the best way forward. Ethical Apartheid. Know where you stand

1916083_206607721806_5836304_nThis is an opinion posted by a human writer.

Always remember, President Xi has more than two million social media likes on salary every second of the day.


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