July 18. Chris visits Byron in London

July 18. Chris visits Byron in London

chrisandrewHi my beautiful Byron,

Today’s first picture is me is a selfie I took with Chris last week in Newport Beach. Chris came and spent two weeks with me. To talk about stuff. He is your godfather and is extremely worried about you not being allowed to see me, or anyone else for that matter because of Adler/Amlot and O’Leary. The happy, rich family-law threesome who I believe are guilty of  &XX%XX and $#$X%&* and ^&$#XXX. And I am not alone in this awareness. All three have a history and a reputation.

Chris decided to fly to England to talk to you. He called Adler. He emailed Adler and he texted Adler. He called Adler’s office. Nothing. No reply. So he flew to England to see you. He was that determined. And guess what? When he finally got hold of to Adler she said “We are on Holiday”.
“Where” asked Chris, because he would have flown wherever to see you, even for a one hour talk.  But there was no answer to that question. And he did not get to see you. Or deliver the presents he bought for you. I am sad about that, but not surprised. We took bets here, where he said “I will get to see Byron” because as you know, he is a very successful person who usually gets what he sets out to achieve. I bet him “Adler will not let you see Byron”. Not because I am cynical or have any anti Adler agenda. Only because I know she has managed to stop you seeing me with such a malicious determination that I only had to refer to the 27 or so efforts I have made to have you visit with me that were obstructed in a nasty and determined way by the happy three members of family-law, Adler/Amlot and O’Leary.

Andrew in Amsterdam. 1986

Andrew in Amsterdam. 1986

The same reason why you haven’t seen me since 2016 is the reason I bet that Chris would not be able to see you even if he traveled to England. So; guess who won the bet?
He was in England on Sunday, Monday, and stayed till Tuesday, just in case. We were all very disappointed. For many reasons.

The only upside is that the presents he brought for you will go to a South African Township 10 year old. I made that arrangement with him when we discussed whether it was worth buying presents for you. Considering how many presents were sent to you that never got to you.  And how many presents that got to you disappeared soon after. I told him that even if Adler let you see him, she would not let you keep any gifts. I wanted you to have a new Macbook. But you remember what happened when I sent you an ipad? So we made the agreement that if he was obstructed, the gifts should go to a needy African child. So that at least some good good come from that experience. Somewhere in Diepsloot township a ten year old boy is very grateful to you. Or should I say, very grateful to Adler.

The other two pictures are from my visit to Amsterdam in 1986. When I was a performing musician and used to smoke. It was the worst thing I ever did, smoking, and I gave up as soon as I could. Smokers are Jokers.  I normally never show pictures of me smoking because it is something I am not proud of, but I like the picture and so use it to make the point that I andrew92astopped and wish I had never started smoking. It is the worst thing possible.
Back then, we saw movie stars smoke. Everyone smoked. It was considered cool. They even told us it was good for you. There was an advert that said “9 out of 10 doctors say smoking is good for you.” And I bought it, just like most of my generation. Soon as I learned though, I stopped and became a very aggressive anti-smoker.
Knowing what we know about cigarettes now only an idiot would choose to  smoke.

My book work is going well. I love writing and I am writing for hours every day. I am sure you will enjoy reading my stories one day.

Right now we can see there is no chance of meeting this summer. But I will keep trying to arrange winter holidays. And Chris will help as well. There is no reason you could not be here for 3 weeks in December and I can finally get to take you skiing. And catch up on all our news.

If you are able to get to a computer, you can message Chris directly on his Facebook post  HERE. He will call you straight back if you have a number. You can ask him for anything and he will help. Maybe you can ask him to help set up a visit for December? Adler/Amlot wont talk to me about it, but you might be able to arrange it through Chris?

Meanwhile, I miss you every day.
Love you,


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