Kumeka, Vol. II

Kumeka, Vol. II

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Kumeka, Vol. II 
Released on 16 June 2019.

17 years after the release of Music for Kumeka by Andrew Brel in 2002, the time is right for a follow up, channeling the same frequency energy as the original, KUMEKA 2 is meditation music drawing heavily on the 528 hz ‘healing’ frequency.

Seven songs, lasting over one hour. Recorded in California, at Treadmill mobile Studios over three months in 2019. Including 1 month in Joshua Tree National Park communing with nature and wood, where the guitar parts were recorded outdoors, only at night, using the desert floor and the night sky as a reverb chamber.
The guitar used was a 2005 Taylor NS72, one of a pair made that year to order. (The second one went to Steve Georgiou, to use on his live shows from 2006.)
The Microphone was a Shure SM7 through a Universal Audio Apollo Twin, into a Mac Laptop running Logic. (On battery power.)

Recording Kumeka, Vol. II May 2019

Recording Kumeka, Vol. II
May 2019

Various sounds of the desert were recorded during the night and layered to create a lush organic background, much like a string section, but using sounds of nature and lots of reverb. Achieved by playing back the layered sound through a large speaker in the desert, and recording the sound from fifty feet away, which gives it that spatial reverb depth. There is no other processing on the various tracks other than echo effects, which again was done by playing the part through a speaker and re recording it on a hillside, moving the microphone to find the optimal echo effect off the desert hillside. The rainfall is recorded inside the caravan following an un seasonal heavy rainfall one night that lasted for 72 minutes. During which time I recorded one long file, the sound in the caravan under the pelting rain that was then edited into 7 sections for use on the 7 tracks.

The Inspiration for the album is from ascended master and Chohan of the eighth ray, Kumeka, who in 2002 began raising the consciousness of humanity by raising the frequency on the planet.
Now, more than ever, we need to raise our consciousness towards the highest good.
For one hour, this music provides the immersive frequencies to do just that.

Music to raise your consciousness towards the highest good.
Andrew Brel. 2019


Available on all major streaming services and CD Baby.


kumeka2cover_HDR copyKumeka, Vol. II  by Andrew Brel. 2019

 Sequel to ‘Music for Kumeka’ from 2002.

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