Kumeka, Vol. II

Kumeka, Vol. II

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Kumeka, Vol. II  is set for release on 16 June 2019.

17 years after the release of Music for Kumeka by Andrew Brel in 2002, the time is right for a follow up, channeling the same frequency energy as the original, KUMEKA 2 is meditation music drawing heavily on the 528 hz ‘healing’ frequency.

Seven songs, lasting over one hour. Recorded in California, at Treadmill Studios over three months in 2019.
The Inspiration for the album is from ascended master and Chohan of the eighth ray, Kumeka, who in 2002 began raising the consciousness of humanity by raising the frequency on the planet.
Now, more than ever, we need to raise our consciousness towards the highest good.
For one hour, this music provides the immersive frequencies to do just that.
Music to raise your consciousness towards the highest good.
Andrew Brel. 2019


Will be available on all major streaming services and CD Baby.

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