M A R A . Make America Right Again

M A R A . Make America Right Again

Trump_Tower_(7181836700)MARA is my super exciting business model that will produce enormous, unprecedented revenues, capable of funding brave new social initiatives for the United States, as well as addressing the accountability of the heinous criminality that has brought the entire world to the brink of disaster. Functioning as a revenue source for a new social order of Universal health care, universal income, and educational reforms to put an end to the racist opportunism separating the richest from the poor. And eliminate Trumps multi trillion trade deficit in 3 years.

LIVE FROM THE TOWER. New York’s hottest tourist attraction.

Ground floor investors in MARA will see a twenty five year growth income opportunity with long residuals. The Company is called MARA with the goal of Making America Right Again. Income is from seizures of ‘ill gotten gains’ and exploiting rights to the greatest TV media reality TV show EVER.

Originally proposed as a modification to my Guantanamo Bay business model, for the previous Republican Criminal gang, the new model for post trial incarceration is a purpose built facility in NYC.  Inside what is now the Trump Tower.

GITMO is ruled out for commercial reasons and it is now decided the location will be NYC, in a refurbished Trump Tower that will be seized under new seizure laws covering ‘Unexplained Wealth.”

Interior design by the worlds leading glass build architect working with the space resource of 100,000 square feet of Trump Tower to refurbish as cells and facilities to include a live stage with seating for 666. Plus 50 VIP seats.

Following arrest of the crime gang the building (Trump Tower in NY, on Obama avenue) will become ‘proceeds of crime’ and title will be awarded to MARA.
The first asset of the company. All Trump owned Real Estate.th

25 inmates will be tried and housed here following arrest. In a process that will be videotaped live as 25 arrests occur simultaneously.

No bail for any of the big 25 and only that top 25 from the Trump era will make it to the ‘Glass Tower’. A made for purpose all glass set of cages replicating elements of Alcatraz Prison. Twelve to the left. Twelve to the right and one in the middle.
With a tourist boardwalk following this line, from cage 25 down to cage one. In horizontal latitude, running down a 15 degree slope. Symbolically showing ‘The slippery slope.”

A reality TV show will screen during the  90 days of court hearings, (concurrent with the trials set down for 90 days) in which the audience will choose who gets what Number.

Trump may not get no 1. Perhaps The Kush is more worthy? But nah, it’s got to be Trump. Doesn’t it?
What about Yael Kushner? A strong claim there for the most coveted visitor opportunity. Perhaps Trump in a cell looking out at Yaels? 24/7 seeing her naked in front of himself, separated only by glass bars.

All cells will be solitary. All inmates  will be naked. All visible through clear glass. All the time. For life. (Or 25 years. To be determined at the trial.)
The one concession in the see through glass toilets is that all will be made of gold. (As testing viewers has shown is the will of the people.)

Hourly admission will be low. Starting at $100 for a thirty minute walk through. That is excluding any photo or video rights. Visitors to New York will be able to see the Trumps ‘In the Flesh.’ It will become the number one tourist draw in NYC overnight. Live view revenues will likely be 10,000 people per hour. 5,000 on each 30 minute walk through. Approximate gross – $2.4 million a day.

There will be VIP packages for much much more, allowing longer and interactive opportunities, including branded product co ventures.
Art seminars in attached conference rooms. With live TV hook up to the cells.

The space is large. 100,000 sq ft. Made by top level builders to use the space to maximum effect. In the center of the space we will have a state of art sound stage with recording abilities, top of range cameras, enabling state of art live music broadcasts. The background for these televised live shows will be the 25 inmates.

Artists chosen for their qualities and musical skill, and not solely on appearance,  perform daily to a live audience. Promoting a positive message through their music. Which can have a secondary use as the musical element to the reality TV spectacle. A Live concert at 9 pm in the evening. (Between one and two hours max.) Seating for a live audience of 666 will be sold at $66 per ticket, on a first come first serve basis, using bots to ensure no fraudulent scalping occurs. It will be everyone’s right to have an equally opportunity to attend one of the LIVE FROM THE TOWER shows. At an affordable price.

There will  be a 50 person VIP section, with ticket prices decided by daily auction. Located closest to Trumps cell.

This will be one of many branded products that will all pay into the company running this capitalist enterprise. We can sell any manner of interactive experience. From choosing what meals Trump will be fed, to choosing the visiting hours for his conjugal visits with Yael.
Every evenings Live Music show will be recorded as well as broadcast, as a stand alone copyright, with the artists getting a fair share of all revenues. (Including inclusion on compilations that will follow.)

Other products generating revenue include:

Interview rights for sale, allowing one on one time with any or all of the 25.
We allow advertising for specific products. Pay enough, and you get to use the images and words of your chosen Trumpeter to launch your new product. I can see new AR 15 manufacturers lining up for young Don. He’s quite the gunman.
Trump Spliffs? A joint company branded to a product that will make long term users as stupid as a Trump. There’s gold dust right there. Legal everywhere by special license. With only Black people allowed to be retailers. A form of reparation for a racist abuse ongoing since slavery began.
For the art world, attached artist platforms for (richly) sponsored artists to sketch their favorite trump nude. Melanoma? Ivanka? Eric? Take your pick, long as you pay.

All proceeds of every deal go to the holding company. MARA. A company set up with a corruption free model.

If you finance the venture and appoint me CEO for the first 3 years  I will promise you a three year target to eliminate the entire national debt deficit. And finance ground breaking initiatives that really will make America great.

That’s right. A multi Trillion dollar business opportunity. With proceeds benefiting investors and government on an equitable split. Federal Government will be the 50% beneficiary partner. The investors have to make profit fro the remaining 50% to include all operating costs.

The minimum of 50% of gross proceeds from all ventures go to a Government fund, to be spent on;
# Environmental capitalism
# National Health Care
# And Universal income based on any young person agreeing to one year of non military community service. Followed by a lifetime of $2,000 pm Universal Income
# Education revamp enabling equal opportunity for all to have an education and not an indoctrination
# Effectively ending all drug laws and making right the consequences of the entire drug law system that has funded the global terrorism arising specifically from US consumption of drugs and enabling legal big Pharma (like Purdue) to exploit the consequences of idiotic laws whose origins lie in prohibition and racist opportunism to create for profit prisons and remove Blacks from the election process.

And finally: Repayment of all monies owing to contractors and others stiffed by Trump and his cronies.

That’s right folks. MARA will make America great again where it matters most; economically, and by opportunity to have a cool life, with proper health and education for all.

Through live paying audience for the greatest reality TV show the Earth has ever seen. 25 in-cell cameras running, 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, and by the sale of  TV rights on events involving the prisoners. And by seizure of the proceeds of crime.

Forget trade wars with China. We will make more out of China just from TV rights to watch the show and see the live shows each day. Of course they can’t rip off the idea and do it themselves. Tourists from China will flock to NY to see the Trumps in the Flesh. World tourism will make NY the number one visited location EVER.

Trump and family can leave the Pohlitikal opportunism to the professionals, elected in a proper fair paper ballot one-person-one-vote deciding the next leader, and continue with what they do best. Lie cheat and steal and make a spectacle that puts bums on seats. In this case, their bare bums on glass seats. Finally they will all be starring in one reality show that benefits not just America, but the whole world. I imagine the narcissist will LOVE this TREMENDOUS idea. Giving him the kind of audience he only ever dreamed of.

Imagine the ad revenue possibilities for my new 24 hour reality show?
Well no. No ad revenue.
This will be advert free programming. Available  only to those able to pay for membership. No bootlegging of this product will be possible. Our tech in encrypting the content will be uncrackable. Did I mention, one level of this building, likely the one taken from the Saudi’s in the unexplained wealth order, will house a top merit-based tech department, addressing security of all digital content by the hundred best brains in digitalia. Possibly appoint Tim Berners Lee as the department head.

I am going to say, this will be bigger than every TV show gross revenue put together. In the space of three years.

Putting a lot of wrongs right.

The timeline:

1.) The arrests – live.
2.) The quickest remodel of 100,000 sq ft of NY prime real estate in History begins with the demo inside the Tower creating the open space. They have 90 days to deliver the ‘Glass Cells plus live stage plus all audio and visual requirements. Plus walkway access and egress for 10,000 visitors per hour.
3.) The trial – 25 trials concurrent, three months. 90 days in 25 chosen courts. No sentence will be under one life term.
4.) The live TV show allocating the cell numbers to the 25 run concurrently.
5.) The journey to jail. A one day spectacular live event on PPV where each one is  introduced to their cell, and have the rules explained. Plus the transparency of removing their clothes live.
6.) The first live music event will be set for the day after ‘The Journey to Jail‘.  9PM ET. 90 minutes to a maximum of 120 m. (No less than one hour, no more than two.)  Continuing daily. One prime time show every day.
7.) Archive of all shows goes live for purchase on vinyl. And CD. And DVD for the video and audio. No streaming media will be allowed for any of these shows unless it is from our own PPV stream.
8.) The 7 day a week format continues. From show one, 666 + 50 seats sold in advance. Marketing experts guide the exploitation of rights to the images associated with the 25.

A sideline will be the formation of the “unexplained wealth department” investigating every deal anyone did with Trump ever. Calculating the amounts involved and issuing subpoenas to those complicit, requiring 100% refund of all gains gotten in this fashion. That alone will return the first trillion we need to make up the trade deficit part of this agreement.

MARA. Make America Right Again. We do know what right is and we do know what we are allowing Trumpeters to do is very wrong.

Live from Trump Glass Cages.
The opening show, will be launched by our choice (as a world, not just the USA) of person best suited to this form of global closure on a chapter that brought us this close to extinction. Perhaps Obama? Perhaps Desmond Tutu? That one will need a deal of thinking. The subject of a show – a reality TV show running concurrent with the trials, in which nominated possibilities are represented by their advocates.

Certainly it will represent a ‘Truth and reconciliation’ moment beyond historical compare.

And a source of funding to create a Great new America with opportunity for all. With no economic slavery. And no medical bankruptcy. And equal education opportunities for all.

And that really will MAGA.

Who better to build this multi trillion dollar problem solver than the inventor, who could be persuaded to complete a working prospectus for just a small pittance.

Message me for more HERE (No time wasters.)

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