Trump_Tower_(7181836700)MARA is my super exciting new project working with ‘silent partner’ a lawyer named Mueller, who will address the legal requirements.

Here are the rough notes from the first meet for VC start up. PM me if you are interested in investing.
Accepting ground floor offers upwards of $2.5 million. Prospectus on demand.

Trumps in glass cages.

A twenty five year growth income opportunity with long residuals.
Originally proposed as a modification to my Guantanamo Bay business model, for the previous Republican Criminal gang,the new model for housing trial-waiting-Trumps and for their post trial incarceration is a purpose built facility in NYC. As mainstream prison population is not going to work well for The Kush. Or Ivanka. .
GITMO is ruled out for commercial reasons and it is now decided the location will be NYC, in a refurbished Trump Tower. Interior design by Krasnopovich. The worlds leading glass build architect working with 20,000 feet of Trump Tower to refurbish as cells and facilities.
Following arrest of the crime gang the building will become ‘proceeds of crime’ and title will be awarded to MARA. The first asset of the company.th

25 inmates will be tried and housed here following arrest. No bail for any of the big 25 and only that top 25 will make it to the ‘Glass Tower’. Trump being number two. The Kush being number one, as he is in real life. The tour highlight cell.

All will serve solitary. All naked. All visible through clear glass. All the time. For life. (Or 25 years. To be determined at the trial.)
The one concession in the see through glass toilets is that all will be made of gold. As testing viewers has shown is the will of the people..

Hourly admission will be low. Starting at $100 for a thirty minute walk through. That is excluding any photo or video rights.

There will be VIP packages for much much more, allowing longer and interactive opportunities, including branded product co ventures.
Art seminars in attached conference rooms. With live TV hook up to the cells.

A live concert stage in the middle of the glass cages – the inmates in plain sight – for invited artists to perform daily to a live audience. Providing a musical element to the reality TV spectacle.
Interview rights for sale, allowing one on one time with any or all of the 25. We allow advertising for specific products. Pay enough, and you get to use the images and words of your chosen trump to launch your new product. I can see new AR 15 manufacturers lining up for young Don. He’s quite the gunman.
Trump Spliffs? A joint company branded to a product that will make you as stupid as a Trump. There’s gold dust right there.
All proceeds of every deal go to the holding company. MARA.

For the art world, attached artist platforms for (richly) sponsored artists to sketch their favourite trump nude. Melanoma? Ivanka? Eric? Take your pick, long as you pay.

Finance the venture as per my specification and appoint me CEO and I will promise you a two year target to eliminate the entire national debt deficit.

That’s right folks. I will make America great again where it matters most; economically. In two years from opening day.
Through live paying audience, 24 hours daily, 7 days a week, and by tv rights.

This will be the biggest broadcasting rights bidding war in history. Streamed and terrestrial.
Forget trade wars with China. We will make more out of China selling in this product than all previous trade combined. (In first two years.) and of course they can’t rip off the idea and do it themselves.
Trump and family can leave the grown up Pohlitikal stuff to the professionals and get to what they do best. Lie cheat and steal and make a spectacle that puts bums on seats. In this case, their bare bums in glass seats. Finally they will all be starring in one reality show that benefits not just America, but the whole world.

Imagine the ad revenue on my new 24 hour reality show?
I am going to say, this will be bigger than every TV show gross put together. In the space of two years.

I want to approach Bill to host the opening of the Trump trial. Live from Trump Glass Cages.

The trial will begin following the arrest and incarceration of the twenty five in the glass cells. The court room will be the central area, where, later, live acts will perform, choosing their music carefully for the weighty stage this represents. No respectable band will be unable to have a live album, recorded at Trump Glass cages, NYC. And we will withhold all but ten percent of phonographic rights for the new business.

The trading company is registered as MARA

Make America Rich Again.


Make America Right Again.
That’s one for the chaps in market testing.

Our caps will sell for fifty bucks for the rainbow colored, or $100 for the Cheeto Orange.

Once the national debt is removed and responsible economists are back in charge all proceeds from MARA will go toward the world leading UHC and the worlds best constructed Universal income system, linked to a new education system.

And that really will MAGAL.


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