Midterm election day. November 6th

Midterm election day. November 6th

andrew_HDROn this day where we can reflect on the consequences of an ignorant populace  for whom education is a priority that falls below greed, I am reassured to know there are still many with a hunger for knowledge and still resources that provide for that appetite.

I don’t know the result of today’s red wave but I do know Trump will still be a free man tomorrow irrespective, and I do believe there is absolutely no prospect of these ‘elections’ making one jot of difference to the right wing coup. In the meanwhile life does go on and the hope remains that education will uplift those most in need of upliftment. So rather than vote, which is a subject I have written about at some length, I am sharing these words. Bearing in mind if I did vote, my vote would count 1/8th as much as the voter in an electoral college fuckwit state.

My political awareness began with reading erudite recollections of war, none more articulately approached than the Great War. The war to end all wars. The first and most significantly defining Moment in modern civilization when an ignorant dishonest leadership exploited right wing propaganda to manipulate the lesser class, the ordinary people, into killing themselves in the guise of nationalism. Nationalism and propaganda make that heady duo of influence that has killed hundreds of millions of ordinary people ever since.

Happily I can reflect there is more to today’s story than doom and gloom.

Remember that great story of the Xmas eve football game from the front line? In no mans land, when the guns went silent and British and German boys emerged from their trenches to play a game of footie? And they all sang carols together and rejoiced in the coming of Mary’s boy child Jesus in that historic barn moment in Bethlehem. (Silent night). Over a shared beer. Just regular joes, who loved footie, beer and Jesus.

That, I am happy to share, remains the crock of right wing propaganda shit it has always been. But here, on this post, you can read the small details of the undulating topography of that political landscape. Football and war. And right wing leadership who manipulate the ignorant, those unarmed by an education in the battle for their opinion.
The one shoe voters who came out today, in public and in the electoral process.
Read this piece and you too can have an informed opinion on something that has not changed since the war to end all wars ended, and even in that there is rich propaganda. (11/11/11/11). The 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The guns fell silent. What a load of codswhollop. The fact is WW1 ended in 1919, but how the politicians chose to wash over their atrocious leadership is a separate story, for which you will have to wait.

How wonderful to know that social media enables sharing information of this rich quality for free. Albeit in sentences longer than this twit generation, the Hillary generation, are able to manage.
Build that wall.
Tired of winning and;
Lock her up.
The two or three word lines that right wing goons use so effectively to coral the fuckwitted (This includes meth users, racists, white supremacists, child abusers, right wing voters, nationalists, flag wavers, profiteers from armaments stocks. those silent about ‘The Kush’, Meth using Truck owner/drivers and volunteers for war)  into their right wing cages of misery are not a resource used in this story, should you choose to read on. But if you do read on, you will see just how amazing a willing brain and a web page can be as a collaborative, interactive educational resource.

Finally, if you are right wing in your life choice, do not read on. This is not for you. You will be offended and I will not be responsible for that.

Oh. And if you are right wing. On this day, fuck you from all of us on planet earth.


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