Monday 11 March. Still in Johannesburg

Monday 11 March. Still in Johannesburg

IMG_3759My beautiful Byron,

This Monday letter finds me still in Johannesburg, having breakfast at my favorite breakfast place.  When I grew up in South Africa, I used to have bacon and eggs every morning. Of course now I am older I don’t do that anymore, the cholesterol is high. But while I am here I have been rediscovering the joy of bacon and eggs.
Today is my last ‘letter to Byron’  from Johannesburg. I hope that Thursdays letter will come to you from California. A lovely 35 hour journey from door to door. Not looking forward to that.

IMG_3758I am looking forward to getting back to California. I have a gazillion things to do. Especially hoping that you will be visiting for summer holidays this year. Last time you were with me was 2014. Can you believe it. Five years they have managed to stop you from being with me for summer holidays. My theory is, this year, you will be ten and will be able to tell them that it is not fair on you. Just because they are empowered by family law does not mean it is right or acceptable to lie in the course of preventing a child seeing his father.

It has been super hot in South Africa while I have been here. I will be quite relived to get back to the mild weather in California. Chris and Nick and Anna all send their love. I found this picture of you with Nick, on your first visit to South Africa. Wow.

Nick and Byron 2009

Nick and Byron 2009

That was 9 years ago. We can only wonder how different life would be for both of us if lying in family court was made illegal. And liars punished by law for making judgments that harm children and turn out to be nothing more than the theft of millions of pounds. It kind of would have-been nice to have the money that has been stolen by corrupt family law in obstructing you being with me, to spend on you. Instead of seeing insane amounts go to make family lawyers rich.
Boy, have they made a fortune out of stopping your seeing me. British family law is not called an arcane system without good reason.
Perhaps soon family law will come under the spotlight and there will be a change. I know there are many people affected just as you and me have been. And, if that is the case, you will know by the length of the jail terms reflecting the degree of accountability.    Until then, hoping that this summer holiday will not be the fifth year in a row your right to be with me is not affected by British family law.

Miss you,

Love you,



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