47.  Monday 22 April. Easter Monday

47. Monday 22 April. Easter Monday

visiting1060307My beautiful Byron,

It is ‘Easter Monday’ today. A public holiday here in Dana Point. A holiday for Religious people who believe some stuff that other religious people do not.
Easter Monday for the Greek orthodox people is next week. But never mind.
It has been a big week for religious people.
Yesterday in Sri Lanka some religious people blew up 8 churches where some different religious people were celebrating Easter. That is quite a few explosions. And almost 300 people dead. I wonder why religious people do these things to each other just because of some imaginary thing that tells them – like a voice in their head – that their religion is the only one that is right? Seems crazy to me.

The picture I chose today is from our visit to Dr. Johns desk at his University. I emailed with him last week. He is well.

Elias is still in Los Angeles. He has arranged Lazaros’ funeral for Wednesday, which I will attend. At a Greek Church in the Valley. And then he goes back to Athens.

I found this picture of you from that same visit. Climbing a tree in the New Forest.P1060403

Miss you,
Love you,





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You can help directly with a donation to legal costs. Even $5 makes a difference. Click PayPal logo