Monday 25 February

Monday 25 February

Dartmoor 2015

Dartmoor 2015. Click to enlarge



My beautiful Byron,

This Monday is a big day for me. Its a special birthday for starters, but more importantly, I am leaving for a big journey later. Your gran is not doing too well, so I am off to be nice to my mum. Its a long story and a long journey.  One day I will share it with you.

15708281279_25fc637dbd_kRight now I am hosting a birthday dinner and Tommy is here. Remember Tommy the turtle? So is Mason. And his mom and dad.

I do wish you were here for this birthday dinner and that you could come to South Africa with me on this trip to see Yaya.

I took this picture of you with a bowl of pasta on exactly this day in 2015. Four years ago. That is dinner in Knightsbridge. On a special birthday.

The horse pictures are from our riding adventure on Dartmoor in the mist. From that same visit in February 2015.

15707261010_4d0d97c653_kI will write again on Thursday from Johannesburg.

Miss you,

Love you.





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