43. Monday 8th April

43. Monday 8th April

P1060257byronannMy beautiful Byron,

I found this photo I took at the Mada cafe where we were visiting Ann. The year was 2013. Ann used to let you play on her iPad. Before I got you your own. Every Saturday for the first four years of your life you used to see Ann and Bob at the Mada cafe.

That was a lovely part of our time together. I haven’t seen Ann or Bob for many years now. I wonder of they still visit the Mada cafe. I suppose it is all very different there now.

I am writing today from Dana Point. Summer is definitely on the way. Its about 25C right now.

The other picture I found today is you enjoying your strawberry cocktail in the New Forest during our visit there in 2014. The barman let you make your own cocktail. It turned out rather well.P1060536

Miss you,

Love you,







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