fleshcdGrowing up in South Africa in the seventies, I met and started a friendship with an exceptional musician, Jose Alves. Sometime after I moved to London in 84, Jo emigrated to the US, and settled in Los Angeles. We stayed in touch through the years and in 1997 he came over for a visit, bringing a cassette of songs he was working on with another expatriate South African Greek, Dino Archon. Dino is a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter, known in South Africa for his work with ‘The Assylum Kids’
I thought the songs were brilliantly written and the attitude of the musicianship exciting and it didn’t take much persuasion to get Charlie Morgan to agree to make his drumming the fourth element in the music. ‘Apocalypic rock’ is how I described it.

We flew Dino and Jo over to London for a week, and recorded fourteen tracks in Black Barn Studios, engineered by Robin Black.
Again the idea was to capture performance live recordings – first or second takes only. These were very exciting sessions, and a lot of energy passed onto the tape. 2″Ampex 456 at 30IPS.
After the guys went back to LA, the tracks were mixed over ten days at Jacobs studio in Farnham by myself and Robin Black.

The artwork was by Dino. The band went on to do some select gigs in Los Angeles, and the album attracted a hint of interest from a major label without ever actually selling any copies. Almost a major signing, that instead became a sad reflection on the nature of the business side of music, as these songs and this album reflect a very high standard in writing and performance. Kiss the Fear – should have been a worldwide hit.

Ten years later though, after a Youtube free presentation of some songs off the album, sales began for the first time through CD Baby.

Songs that made the album are: Sun comes in, Step into the whole, Pink suit, Black sugar, Kiss the fear, Just like the rain, Too late, Stay, Hunters, Kill heaven, Bloodline, Gypsey


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