Play that funky music white boy

Play that funky music white boy

5cd9bd4b1384348c0b966864861f6572--vocabulary--years-1I first encountered and spoke out against female discrimination  in 1968 when I became aware that gals get put down by boys. But more so by a certain kind of boy, trained to see women as the weaker sex and themselves as the converse.

Brett the rapey judge, a hate-filled tearful sneering actor with the christian daughter, 10, who prays to a god of forgiveness for sinful women who complain about sex assault when they are 15, is the carbon copy of the kind of boy I remember from my youth. From the majority of testosterone teen boys who learned about girls as objects with which to turn drunken confidence into sexual experience.

Entitled, privileged, unkind, nasty, narcissistic, rich white boys. For whom ‘No’ means ‘Wrong answer.’

Since I learned to spot this personality type I have watched bemused as men continue to grab pussy and enable their business associates to do the same. Many times in my working life I have seen business schmoozing include paid-for-prostitutes. Businessmen in China, I understand, are especially keen on this form of hospitality.

In recent years I thought, quite wrongly, that things were on an upwards trend. Men becoming more thoughtful and informed in their appreciation of the fairer sex, as a more liberal approach to sex education removed the ignorance underpinning men’s caveman rights to claim entry to a woman by force.

But then along came an Orange caveman with a baseball bat of bollocks. I knew his township right away because I grew up in Africa with people of color.  To me, it is as clear as day that, above all else, Hillary could not be allowed to take up a mans job in America because she is not a man.

The simple fact is the USA kicked out the clear election winner, one superior in every way but for being a woman, and replaced her with a well known Pussy Grabber man, already world famous as a complete incompetent, an ethical incontinent, deficient on every level excepting word salad diarrhea, in which he is the indisputable, undefeated, over feted champion of the world. Don the Con.

The winner of the 2016 US democratic election was simply discarded despite winning by a massive 3 million votes. Talk about men making shit up as they go along. And women getting shafted for being women. (Even though Hilary has much bigger balls than any member of Trumps gang.)

I have been trying in my way to fight for equality in opportunity, in the spirit of proper equality for all, since 1968. That has included race, but in my case, growing up the only male with four women, discrimination against women has been at the fore of my awareness since 1968 when my older sister Katerina was 9, and I experienced though her the difference between how men and women are treated by the establishment. The establishment which was all male.

When I became aware that White supremacy means White male supremacy.

Growing up in South Africa I learned quickly how different cultures treat women. The Zulu way is common in Africa. Spot it, take it, transfer aids if you can, and move on. At seven years of age I saw this in operation for the first time. A woman walking merrily along the side of the road. A man pulls up in his car with a cloud of dust as her brake shard in front of her. She starts to run, he catches her. Her rapes her there and then. Quickly and forcefully while she remains impassive and submissive throughout. He zips up his fly, gets in his car and he drives away. The woman gets up, brushes herself down, and walks on. Two minutes later there is no sign that anything happened. It is the mans right to dominion over women, who are not married. And women must accept this role, or die. TIA. This is Africa. Brett Kavanaugh would have loved growing up in Soweto. Although, gayness was not tolerated at that time, so Brett may have been stabbed.

Imagine my position for a moment, if you will. Not even in my teens, trying to speak out against this awful sexual discrimination in a Country where the form of power rape, male dominion over women, is considered a cultural right. The first Zulu president practiced it, even despite having 17 wives.  Zuma was  tried for rape but found not guilty. Its not rape. Its your cultural right.

I have long since given up trying to educate African people on appropriate sexual interaction between boys and girls. Last time I was there, 2018, the township I visited, population 500,000 had a statistic of 100%   That is 100% of children were raped at home. Usually by their fathers.  To put Brett’s  groping session at 17 into a more global context. (He is channeling his inner Zulu.)

All these years later I continue to speak out against women who betray their own cause, like Serena Williams, demanding more payment than men players, and women who defend their right to wear the burqa.

Amidst all this counter-productive stupidity, of women harming their own cause, like Blacks supporting slavery, here is a lovely example I have learned from from.

I wrote a line in a song  “Nature is my teacher, what I’ve learned is there.” Here are eight species we learn from that exemplify female leadership in the animal world:

Hyenas, killer whales, lions, spotted hyenas, bonobos, lemurs, and elephants.

1937089_123724531806_797127_nI have interacted with several of these animals before, including knocking over a baby African Elephant while its mother looked on, knowingly and approving. Because the mischievous little chap was being playful and headbutting me.naughty . I feel certain, had that incident happened in front of a male Elephant, I would have been smooshed right after baby went a tumble. That, I suggest, is how far my confidence in the smarter sex being female goes. (Certainly when it comes to Elephants.)
Elephants are not only smart. They have a matriachal smartness which is tangible. You can sense what they are thinking, and reliably intuit it as being sensible. When it comes to the females.
This little guy on the left is standing with his mother. He got cheeky and charged me. First time I sidestepped and looked at the mother. I sensed her approval before, on the second charge, I pushed the naughty little chap back, knocking him head over heels. I believe I saw the mothers approval. Certainly, she did not crush me like a twig, as her size would have enabled.

I have been especially fascinated by Bonobo’s for a very long time. First time I saw one, I wanted to share a house. Is there any animal more attractive to the camera lens than a Bonobo?
Decades of detailed behavioral study confirm the most stupid Bonobo is a considerably smarter than any fairy-tale invisible-man-with-a-beard believer. Those who study and follow instruction from that most pervasive of anti women rights,  the so called ‘Good book’. Better known as, The good-book of prejudice, especially against women, homosexuals and common sense. Which makes Bonobo’s smarter than half of America, the half with the mental disorder?

We have much to learn from animals.
Why do some species have women leaders when we in America cannot?41283207_10156953294141807_3543167059342917632_n

By any reasonable measure Hilary Clinton is a victim of the most insidious sexual discrimination, made all the worse by installing a greasy inarticulate misogynist pussy-grabbing incompetant racist in her stead.

I would like to see a Bonobo running for the 2018 interim leadership, while they process the trials of the Trump criminal gang. We need some intelligence in office at this time.

Here is the BBC article about female leadership in the animal world.

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