Press release: Who Lies Wins. A novel based on an actual judgment in Britain's family-court

Press release: Who Lies Wins. A novel based on an actual judgment in Britain’s family-court

Press release: Who Lies Wins. A novel based on actual judgments in Britain’s family-court.
By Andrea Lee.

wlw Breaking up is hard to do. 30% of British children are products of broken families, at the mercy of parents making good decisions when they break up. But, trawling this richly rewarding seam of misery, parents at their lowest ebb in life during separation, are predatory highly-paid members of an entitled society, family-law, profiting from a process widely accepted to be ‘parental alienation and child abuse.’ This for-profit abuse continues largely in secret while child abusing judgments are defended by arcane contempt laws protecting miscreants from any accountability. Who Lies Wins is the fictitious story of one child, Sam, 4, told over a 6-year period in which the inner workings of family court are laid bare. A whistle blowers account fictionalized in consideration of family-courts contempt laws exonerating members from any accountability.
Based on actual judgements made in family-court, Sam’s story explores the need for change to family-law, with child-centric possibilities for replacing a broken family court service with a new corruption free model effectively representing children’s rights post separation.

A must read, heartbreaking book for anyone interested in children’s legal rights following the breakdown of the family unit. Ms. Lee shows very clearly why and how the current legislation needs to change to end the epidemic of family-court endorsed parental alienation and child abuse.” Dr. Richard Niles


Note by Andrew Brel. July 2019.

Andrea Lee. Heraklion. 2019

Andrea Lee. Heraklion. 2019

In 2016 I was approached by a mutual friend to review and comment on Andrea Lee’s story. I was immediately taken with how simple the formula for helping repair the broken system of British family-law is. How transparent the flaws in family-court are and how valuable reforms would be towards  saving hundreds of thousands of lives, for what in relative terms, amounts to very little cost. Much as we see the benefits to the economy in Universal Health Care, a similar approach, universal family-law rights to every child would disempower the profit motive that drives corrupt, immoral behavior in family-court as well as enable hundreds of thousands of citizens to function fully to the limits of their abilities without the scars that remind us ‘It is easier to build a strong child than repair a broken adult.’

The model for how this child-centric reform will work is contained within Ms. Lee’s story. I am honored to have been consulted on this project.  And hope that this story forms the tipping point where we recognize the importance of ending this model for the enrichment of an entitled few, the members of family-law, with new legislation that serves both accountability for historical offenses as well as the road map for our new approach to serving the children of separating parents responsibly.

I hope above all that Ms. Lee and her son Sam are reunited soon. And the miscreants you will read about see appropriate censure  commensurate with the gravity of their offenses, both legally and ethically. No one is above the law. Especially not members of the law society.

The book is available on kindle and paperback from Amazon


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