Sexual frustration, poor parenting and gun celebrity

Sexual frustration, poor parenting and gun celebrity

33132531_10156661090666807_8710744767836717056_nMany words have been spoken about US Gun Law, some by myself, over a thirty year period.

Here’s my thinking. The issue that brings gun opinion to the fore, that sells the news to a big advertiser base and produces all manner of opinions by those willfully unfamiliar with the facts behind the numbers, is these spree killers.

In actuality, US gun deaths are like 35K a year, of which the vast majority are suicides. Deaths by Spree killers are numerically inconsequential. It appears worse because its kids in school and TV advertisers lap up the tragedy vultures. That’s the business formula. Create tragedy vultures and feed them a steady diet. Like a self fulfilling prophecy. Blame the NRA and the 2nd amendment. That gets bums on the news advertiser seats but what it also does is distract us from the real problem.

The reality is more kids die of nut allergies than deaths in school by sexually frustrated young men. So why all the fuss about AR-15’s?
if it is spree killers we wish to stop, and not suicides choosing the gun, then how much better would it be to raise our game as parents and as society?

When we model pussy grabbing bald fat lying narcissists as the pinnacle of our leadership aspiration we send a clear message to our young men. Our ethical standards erode in direct proportion to the corrosive values we model as adults to the youth.

Here’s one simple example – a 17 year old wanting to get laid might get fit and clean up and learn to be attractive to women, possibly playing guitar, or piano (but definitely not bass. That remains a no go area for the girls who do.) Or learning to cook a pleasing meal. Writing some poetry. Or choose a fine wine. Or recite Bob Dylan lyrics to bring out at an appropriate moment. But why bother with any actual effort to become attractive to the opposite sex when the fat orange Baldhead gets whatever he wants just by taking it. And bragging. Modelling the disease of conceit.

The best way to reduce and eventually eliminate young spree killers is to model an adult leadership example that is worthy of respect. Starting with parent, teachers and all the way up through influential celebrated high achievers, which includes the POTUS.
Our target should not be gun law reform. That is a blind alley and a distraction. The real cause of this deviance is the deviance mirrored to the youth by amoral leaders and their parents who support these amoral leaders.

Along the way we should look at why 20,000+ Americans buy a gun to kill themselves. I suggest the cause will be the same. They do not want to carry on in a world where such obvious deviance is rewarded with the highest office in the land.

It takes a village. Young people miss learning values that are real. Instead they are fobbed off with alt facts by a mob boss who has hijacked the village mentality that would provide the love and care young men need as a more sensible alternative to doing a Dylan and Eric.Eric_Harris