Various of my songwriting efforts.


 Dreams (Brel) Andrew Brel.
Sad song with violins by Graham Preskett and mandolin by Andrew Brel.

 Sophie and Johann (Brel) Andrew Brel.
The story of Sophie Scholl and Johann Reichhart

Surbiton Train (Brel) Andrew Brel.
About what sometimes happens at Surbiton Station during the dark months.

Kill for Fun (Brel/Trombley) sung by Andrew Brel.
Written with Stephen Trombley, about those odious people who kill animals for fun.

Paradise Key (Brel.Burns) Sung by HUGH BURNS.
About the Human wave child attacks by Iran during the Iran Iraq war.

Paradise Key (Brel.Burns) Sung by ANDREW BREL.
Original demo recording with acoustic guitar

Jacques the dad (Brel) by Andrew Brel.
The sad but uplifting story of an abandoned son.

Breathe by Andrew Brel and Hugh Burns.
Meditation music from the album Celtic Inspiration.

The Apple not the Tree (Brel.Tarney)  Sung by ALAN TARNEY.
How the truth is what we choose to believe.

The apple not the tree (Brel.Tarney)  Sung by Andrew Brel.
Acoustic guitar version

Mans time has come (Brel.Tarney) Sung by ALAN TARNEY.
About the end of religion.

One More Chance (Brel/Edney) by Patti Russo.
From my songwriting sessions with Spike Edney.

Suburban House (Brel.Phillips)  by LEO SAYER.
Written with Josh Phillips. A sad song about lost love.

Believe (Brel/Phillips) by LEO SAYER.
Written with Josh Phillips. Another sad song about lost love.

Here and Now (Brel/Burns) by LEO SAYER.
Written with Hugh Burns. Another sad song about the same lost love.

Stranger (Brel.) by Ken Ganpot.
About the miners in South Africa.

Hearts (Brel.) by Hugh Burns
Instrumental guitar piece from the album ‘Mindwash.’.

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