Choose Love

State of Hate

andrewb copy_HDRToday in America I just heard the CNN anchor say  ‘Welcome to today’s news on the State of Hate.’

Today’s hate news may be simply this days morning news anchors choice of three words but we have lived in a State of Hate for some years now. Specifically if we think back to 2016 and the foul hateful election in America and nasty bitter hateful referendum months in Britain, both coincidentally financed by the sponsor of our current hate, Robert Mercer, 72. A purveyor of odium so malodorous ones nose curls at the mention of his name. When the Black Eyed Peas sang  “Where is the Love” they had no intention of answering ‘with the Mercer family’.

We have watched our polarity markers grow more hateful by the day. Like parasitic weeds consuming the rose garden of loveliness we remember from the days of joy. When all you needed was Love.

It turns out, hate does consume the hater. Not that it pleases me to be so right about this after so many repetitions to those hate-filled right wing people who have crossed my path since growing up in the right wing christian hateful regime of Apartheid South Africa .

Today’s CNN news opinion poll shows 40% of Americans support Trump.

Minutes later in the same news broadcast they screen Trump live; sharing that he ‘trusts his gut more than smart people‘.

On this solid ground of considered reason the POTUS assures his clan  “climate change is a tremendous nonsense.” In one sentence involving the entire planet in the consequences of hate.

Our water is clean. Our air is clean. That’s all that matters. There’s no problem here. This environment thing, climate change, its all just troublemakers. They want better trade deals. They want to carry on taking advantage of the United States. Well that’s not going to work anymore.

Trump has got this. Nothing to worry about for 40% of Americans.

40% of Americans believe they are in safe hands because his gut is good.  They are still woozy with exhilaration after watching the Thanksgiving border baby gassing.

On Monday I saw a Fox news blonde lass experiencing sexual climax while reporting on those gas canisters hitting those caravan two year old terrorists on the Mexican border. The Sexy side of the State of Hate.  Who knew gassing kids could be such a turn on for a blonde Fox Republican.

To add comfort to joy Trump doubled down in his live talk, sharing with us how hard it is being a genius.  I think 40% of American’s face that struggle on a daily basis.

The thing is though. None of them are geniuses. Not one single Trumpeter. Not one single Brexiter. They are the opposite of smart. They are ignorant hate-mongers, drawn together by a hatred of anything and everything better than them. Especially those smarter than them. Riven by the conflict between narcissism and jealousy.

I’m alright Jack only works if you are alrighter than someone below you.”

You cant be ‘alright jack’ if your neighbor is a smart person. Maybe, possibly even a woman, much smarter than you will ever hope to be. Imagine a Black woman neighbor, smarter and richer than you? That just doesn’t work for the occasionally, partially educated fools I think of as the white-right who are wrong. It creates jealousy. That leads to hate. Hate leads to right-white entitlement. That leads to The Mercer/Trump/Brexit State of Hate.

Just listen to the top forty in the UK or USA to hear popular music reflecting the societal demand that makes it popular. My personal fave is Kanye West ‘singing’ “Your such a fucking whore and I love it.” A catchy little ditty doubtlessly destined to be sung by nostalgic gangsters twenty years from now that captures the zeitgeist of the times perfectly. Small wonder he is such a popular musical artist.

If you want to hold your own survey on how any society is getting on, browse their popular music charts. The mirror of popular taste is popular music. Try looking at the top forty in 1980, for example. To see what America was like then. And then look at this weeks Trump era top forty.

The Trump/Brexit/Mercer Hate State whose membership have counter-intuitively stopped respecting and learning from the ‘fittest’ and choose instead a new social model, survival of the dumbest.  The State of Hate. The rise of the rabid right.  Again. Where rich is the only smart. And smart is the object of hate.

In Germany right now, well actually, last night in Germany, thousands of fourth Reich members gathered to salute Adolf and chant ‘Jews out.’ There are good people on both sides. Don’t forget.  The Charlottesville killer , James Fields, 21, a superfan of Trump and Hitler in that order, murdered Heather  Heyer, 32, in a perfect metaphor of why Hate is less sensible as a life choice than Love.  Why should we have fascism in the USA and exclude the rest of the world’s right to sneeze at the American cough?

When 40% of Americans support Trump, and about 40% of Brexiteers support him by infallible logical extension, it is not a stretch to see the trending certainties in the State of Hate.

Building walls and closing borders and hating on people based on ‘a gut feeling’ just might not work out as well as Trump suggests in his TREMENDOUS word salad.  60% of Americans already know that.  60% of Brits know Brexit is a con. A hate driven con.  That is a majority on both sides of the Mercer/Putin divide.

For that majority, unwilling to remain compliant and complicit in a State of Hate, there is a far more powerful weapon at hand than the traditional AK-47 Russian style seizure of power. “You say you want a revolution? We all want to change the world and we know the pen is in fact not mightier than the sword. The pen is just a pen. A good man with a pen is no match for a bad man with a gun. But there is something a pen can refer to that is by far crushingly superior to the politics of hate.

It is that old black magic called Love. A political choice that places Love above Hate.

Get rid of the hatemongers. Trump and gang?

Jail the lot. The Kush, the face lifted slut, the other face lifted saggy bottomed slut.   The whole rotten mess of Make-America-White-Again Trumps.

In Britain the love choice and the only sensible choice is? Reverse Brexit. Start loving your EU friends starting with a crucial lovers make-up gesture of apology that begins with jailing the gang of privately educated monarchist liars who caused Brexit in the first place. From Honest Dave, husband of the tattooed woman, to petulant half British Boris. To the enfant terrible Nigel ‘punch face’ Farage with his oversized bulldog in-a-union-jack tattoo on his right shoulder. Lengthy hospitality spells in Wormwood Scrubs for the lot.

And right after the clanking doors shut on both sides of the Atlantic let’s say hello to love.

Americans can make beautiful music like CSNY did on my post just yesterday instead of mirroring the state of hate in their Billboard hits.

And Britain can fund art schools to create a new generation of Richards, Lennon’s and  Bowie’s. Who spread the message to the world that it is a choice when there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. “All you do need is Love.”  

None of that social and musical greatness we revere flowered in a state of hate. With Border Wall building and baby gassing and spree killing madness where a President would have us believe the mothers mourning Sandy Hook babies are making it up? False Tears? Is that hateful enough? Tremendous Hate. The BEST.

Where we see our government (tall Kush) hand over a resident (fat spotty Kashoggi) to a despotic psychokiller (Fat Sal, 33), who snips off his fingers one by one, sensibly leaving a few on one hand for fingerprint purposes, before chopping his still screaming body into small pieces for the bone saw. All while being recorded on his iwatch to a watching world. To send a message to those critics of the State of Hate. For which Salman quite rightly expected, and received a Thanksgiving blessing from Christian spokesman Trump.

That was our 2018 thanksgiving memory. Trump tweeting blessings to Salman the jiffy bag DNA disappearing artist, and a bleach blonde Fox news anchor masturbating on air with pictures of kids getting gassed on the border. Talk about an inappropriate live sex show on a family occasion.

Its not a question of shall we jail the Brexit/Trump/Mercer lot because a State of Hate always ends the same way.

Rather a question of; do you want to live in a world without love? Do Brexiteers happily wish to condemn the next generation to the folly of Farage/Mercer Brexit while pissing on the war dead who fought for the very free thinking Union they so cheerfully divorce without even properly considering the naked stupidity of voting for champagne in the Kremlin

Your boolean choice is one of two possibilities  Hate or Love.

Them that know know that they know. Them that don’t know. They don’t know they don’t know.

Just as a reminder of how popular music reflected culture in the sixties, when Hate was still a bad thing for the majority, remember, There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done.
All you need is Love