Cate Mackenzie Open your heart meditation.
Cate Mackenzie Open your heart meditation.
Open your Heart Meditation by Cate Mackenzie. CD audio, includes music by Andrew Brel.

Love is the key to living a wonderful life.

This meditation CD will support you to open and heal your heart and allow love into your life.
There are four guided meditations
1 Heart Meditation to Connect with, Heal and Open Your Heart
2 Fear and Faith Meditation to Support you to Step into Presence
3 Wall Meditation to Clear your Resistance to Love
4 Love Meditation to Meet your Heart Angel in your love temple.

"Cate is truly a magical lady, just being in her presence is utterly cosmic....and her fairy dust has sprinkled on me many times. A few months back after a period of no work I had a session with Cate to start clearing my blocks. I got her Cd and the next morning I put it on, still feeling my vibrations high from our session. I started to open my heart, and this rush of Love ran through that moment I got a call from my agent for an audition for a wonderful play the next morning. An Ibsen no less! I got the part the next day, and that job has borne more fruit than I could have hoped for! Cate helps you see that the magic is within you all the time.......all you have to do is open your heart!'
Victoria Yeates .

"Cate's Open Your Heart CD is a wonderful journey into love. Her soft, resonant, loving voice guides us through the delicate landscape of the heart, giving support and permission for the process to unfold. Each meditation is deep, purposeful and soothing. The sensitive accompaniment works alongside the powerful visualisations to bring about a deeply healing and relaxing state. I felt nurtured, held and reconnected to the softness of the heart space and am so grateful for this gift she has shared with us."
Katie Rose -

"Am loving your CD and feeling the love xx"
Holly Blue

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