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Its not far away I once was told
there's a city that's paved with gold
Not far from where I am to where ill be
so put a ticket on and rescue me

I took the train to see what work id find
managed ten years down a working mine
Bleeding sweat to free the golden dust
They took it all and left nothing for us

Born as a stranger in a foreign land
I must accept conditions I cant understand
I'm told its treason if I ever can
say I believe, I am my own man.

My independence is a travesty
of any human rights once due to me
My life's a circle and in every way
I watch it growing tighter every day

I've seen my closest friends go overnight
across the border to take up the fight
I'm not a violent man, so I stayed home
The way its going who knows for how long

Born as a stranger in a foreign land
Facing a poverty you'd never understand
Id go to prison in this foreign land
to say I believe
I am my own man

Who pays the piper
when the song draws to its close
I d want to know
Who pays the piper
for what's been taken away

My stories told each day ten thousand times
In different places, with different rhymes
If there's one lesson my life has shown
Its that two rights don't correct one wrong

Its only love I've come to understand
offers salvation to this race of man
We have no wisdom with which to explain why
we make the same mistakes again and again

A song about growing up in South Africa, themed on the iniquitous exploitation of those poor souls disenfranchised of their basic rights by the mining companies who mercilessly exploited their poverty as they mined the Gold that would pay for their ongoing suppression.

Recorded at Dave MacKays Studio in Woldingham by Andrew Brel and Chris West


Organ: Ken Anselm
Guitars: Ronnie Johnson
Drums: Jeff Dunne
Bass: Phil Mulford
Vocal: Ken Anslem

BV: James Anselm - aged 10.

Written by Andrew Brel (1984)
Recorded and Mixed by Chris West and Andrew Brel.