Thursday 13th June. La Quinta

Thursday 13th June. La Quinta

IMG_4068My beautiful Byron,

This week finds me in la Quinta. This is  the place where I am staying. (Click to enlarge picture. It is a beautiful desert town.)
I am here because Phyllis’ mom’s friend Martha, who is 80, is having some medical issues and I am going to accompany her to the Hospital tomorrow. For support. I sure do spend a lot of time helping old people. I talk to Yaya every day, in Johannesburg. She is doing much better lately. It will be her 84th birthday next week. She want’s me to be with her, but this year it wont be possible.

IMG_4066Being in the desert is a good chance to also do some work and have some pool time. It is super hot. Like 40C. So I am remembering to drink a lot of water. This place has 41 swimming pools. And tennis courts, although its far too hot to play tennis.

I am working away at releasing my new album of music and also finishing a very important book.

So tonight we are going to go an have a celebration dinner to mark the end of these two projects that have taken a long time. My only regret is that I won’t have you there tonight. But I do hope that when I celebrate my next book, you will be with us.

Miss you,
Love you,