Thursday 16 May. New music record

Thursday 16 May. New music record

unbra25188_kMy beautiful Byron,

This Thursday finds me writing after a drive through some hard rain. Almost like England. Seems it sometimes rains in Southern California.

Its been a busy week so far. My new record is in the process of release. I have called it Kumeka Two. Because years ago – in 2002 – I made a record called ‘Music for Kumeka’ which my friend used to promote her books about this guy, Kumeka, who she believed she could speak to although he was a spirit in the sky. A Chohan of he Eighth Ray. Pretty cool stuff I think.   Lots of people bought her book and they also bought the CD I did. So, now, 17 years later, I thought I would do a follow up. Seeing as the first one sold so many copies.
The music is the same style as the previous 8 albums I made in the genre. Which is relaxing meditation music. With nice sounds and gentle guitar melodies. And usually some sounds of nature that I record myself, like pouring rain on the roof and waves washing onto the beach. Or birds singing. The idea is to make people feel relaxed. And it seems to work. Especially for sleep. People play it to get relaxed before they go to sleep. Often on YouTube. Some of my songs have been played hundreds of thousands of times. I am hoping the new record gets the same kind of numbers. You need lots of plays to make any money. One play on Spotify generates 0.0025 c. So it takes 1,000 plays to generate 2.5 cents. You need to generate millions of plays to make any sort of real money. And that’s not so easy. But the real reward comes from making music, which I do enjoy.bbb_c8761e3e7f_k

Meanwhile my hopes of seeing you for Summer holidays are very much a managed expectation. I think the fact Amlot and Adler have blocked your visits over a five year period down to one 2 week visit in 2014 means, just as in summer 2018, and again in December 2018, and every holiday in summer and winter every year since summer 2014, our prospects for summer 2019 will end up exactly the same way. I hope I am wrong, but because I have heard nothing and its already May, I think we must both be prepared for the same outcome as usual when visitation is in the hands of Amlot/Adler and O’Leary.

Oh dear. Even writing their names makes me feel quite ill. I shall try to avoid mentioning them at all in future.

Hoping you are having a good week and will write again next Thursday.
Don’t forget, Read smart. Great books are where you will find many answers.

Miss you,
Love you,