46.  Thursday. 18 April. Goodbye Uncle Lazaros

46. Thursday. 18 April. Goodbye Uncle Lazaros

57247028_10157476189081807_1673992919847010304_nMy beautiful Byron,

Its Thursday and I am in Mission Viejo. Visiting my musician friend who lives here, for a musical project. My new music album is very nearly ready and I am putting a lot of time into that this week.

The sunny California weather is at it’s best today. About 27C. With zero humidity. Ideal for me.

I had a lovely visit from uncle Elias and family, including Nikiforos, your cousin, my nephew, who is living in London now.  He came over for a week (London to Los angles, unaccompanied) to say goodbye to Uncle Lazaros, who passed on yesterday at 93 years of age.

I hosted five of our family for lunch on Monday and they all asked after you. Do you know uncle Elias and Jenny (his wife) flew to London when you were two years old, to attend your second birthday party. They have a great interest in your life and have followed events in British family court with a close eye. They have known you since you were born.

I first met uncle Elias since I was 10. When I flew from Johannesburg to Athens (unaccompanied minor) and Elias took me round Greece. He was a General in the Greek Air Force then and also a great historian in Greek culture. That’s where I got my interest in Greece from. That 6 week visit when I was ten is how I got to visit of the sites of Greek antiquity and learned how significant Greece was to the very idea of civilization.
It’s when I got my first copy of ‘Plato’s Republic’. Which is a bit much for a ten-year-old I would say, but still. I enjoyed it. Do you know at that age, Greek was my first language? I even used to dream in Greek.

The picture I chose today is one of John When he was ten. I took him to a famous place called the Monastery of St Catherine. In the Sinai desert. It was along walk in the heat so I got him a camel to ride. He loved it.P1060267byrondaddy

Of course it goes without saying I would have loved to show you the same experiences as John at that age. But British family court saw things differently and for that I am truly sorry.  I think they have made a terrible mistake in a fake judgement by a switch judge who was not even set down to judge the hearing for your future.

I think, at the very least, you should in due course receive an apology from the people involved in what has happened to your life with me. In the meanwhile, let’s hope that we see each other this summer.

Miss you,
Love you,



You can help directly with a donation to legal costs. Even $5 make difference

You can help directly with a donation to legal costs. Even $5 makes a difference. Click PayPal logo