Thursday 20 June, Masons graduation

Thursday 20 June, Masons graduation

Mason's family at graduation. Including scruffy. And five doctors.

Mason’s family at graduation. Including Scruffy. And five doctors. Wieke looks very proud.

My beautiful Byron,

Today’s letter is a little late because I wanted to send you some pictures from Mason’s graduation which I attended earlier.
He has finished high school with top grades and they had a commencement ceremony to mark the occasion for the graduate class of 2019.IMG_1870

I took a few pictures. The kids all line up in alphabetical order and do a walk around the venue. Which is an amphitheatre with about 2,000 people in it, parents,family and friends of the graduate class.

There was a speaker who gave a fabulous speech which included “To those whom much is given, much is expected of.” Because these kids sure have a great school. And many opportunities for the life that California represents. Although it’s not a private school, it has many opportunities educationally that exceed what we know British private schooling offers.

IMG_1873Now most of this years graduates are off to college. Mason is going to Whittier.  A liberal arts college, where he has a tennis scholarship and will study medicine. We sure will miss seeing his smiling face. He was a good friend to you when you visited in 2014. I suppose the next time you see him he will be an adult. He is 17 now. And is smart, kind and athletic. I am very happy for his mum and dad.

At the end of the commencement speech, the tradition, borne in many a Hollywood movie,  is they all throw their caps in the air in unison.

California education is very different to the English equivalent. The private school environment that I wanted for you and John. For one thing, it hardly ever rains. And the extent of parental involvement in education is, in this schools case, higher.  There are pluses and minuses for each but I do hope you get to experience some of the American system. That’s always one option for you.

IMG_4092In other news, it is Yaya’s birthday tomorrow. 21st June. She is 84. And doing pretty well after the events of last October. She is having a lunch party for ten people and Phumla, her carer, is going with. Which, if you knew how things used to be in South Africa, is a big thing.  Nick will be there too.

Speak next Thursday.

Miss you,
Love you,