Thursday. 7 March. Johannesburg

Thursday. 7 March. Johannesburg

15708549477_5beeeb8cf6_kMy beautiful Byron,

I am writing from Johannesburg, in a coffee shop, where it is 35C. Very hot.

I was clearing stuff out of Yaya’s house earlier where I came across a pile of photos she has of you. Her photo’s run up until her 80th birthday. That was 2015. After that there is nothing. You were four in the last photo she has of you.

2015, June, was her 80th and that year I had booked to take you with me to see Yaya , attend her 80th and also to see beautiful Maria, who was hoping to see you for the last time. I had your ticket booked. I was going to fly to London to collect you, we were to spend two weeks in South Africa and then fly to California for three weeks. That was our summer holiday plan for you and me in June 2015. To the point I had paid for your ticket before family court animosity cancelled your trip. And as you know, that cancellation, which was very deliberate, ended even our chance of having summer holidays together. IMG_2109

It is pretty disgusting that family law is allowed to get away with abusing you and me in this way.  Looking at the photo’s I was clearing from Yaya’s house, it is clear that not only did family court stop you being with me, it stopped you being with your entire family on my side. Poor old Yaya cannot even talk about you, her heart is so broken by being a part of the child abusing judgment in family court by Michele O’Leary, after the awful lies told by those members of family law who are still not made accountable by due process. In any other area of law, their conduct would mean long jail terms for the deceit and abuse of office.

Nothing more I can do about it though. Just keep hoping that this summer will see you with me.  You will be ten. I wonder if I will recognize you after so long? 16 February 2016 is the last time we were together. This forced separation is a tremendous triumph for British family law although it is a tragedy for you and me. It hasn’t changed the fact that I miss you and I love you and I hope we will be together soon.

Daddy x