Hand in hand 2014

22. Thursday. January 24. φιλοτιμια

13132475135_6a453517fb_kMy beautiful Byron,

I was talking to your uncle Elias a few minutes ago and he started our chat by calling me ‘Ormofopetho‘. I realized throughout my growing up he always called me that. And when I sat down to write to you and realized I do the same thing, even though its English not Greek. I always call you ‘my beautiful Byron’.

όμορφο παιδί μου.

I love that part of being Greek. We have some lovely words and some lovely ways. We have Philotimia. φιλοτιμια. We place a high value on kindness. And being nice. And we always remind our children that they are beautiful. I was the same with John.

Unfortunately philotimia and kindness is about the complete opposite of what you and me have seen in British family court. You know, Adler/Amlot and O’Leary would never have got away with what they did in Greek law. It would be illegal in Greece to do what they did. and, continue to do, because of course, I am only writing to you because I cannot see you. And I cannot see you because? Well. You know why;  Amlot/Adler and O’Leary and British family law.

We will have to keep trying though. This summer holiday. I will try my best to make it happen for you to spend the holiday with me.

Hand in hand 2014

Hand in hand 2014

This Thursday I am enjoying a welcome return from Mrs sunshine. She had a few days hiding behind clouds, but all is blues skies again.

Oh, and Charlie got a cool new dog (Remember Charlie Morgan, the drummer, who liked your JUMP video). He got a 7 month old rescue. I am helping him with training tips.

Thinking of you,

Miss you,
πολύ αγάπη,





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