Wallace - Autumn 02

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000wallymar03 000wallyzdrink 00bathrmbefore 00bathroom2  
Heres a rare picture of me taken during my moving phase at the horrible cottage where the stupidist most bigotted ignorant dog I ever met - Heckie the Yorkie - lived. He gives dogs a bad name Luckily I went out a lot. Here I am in the Summer heat at a music festival - having a drink

While the building was going on I took some pictures.

Heres my bathroom before

and after  
00kbeforekitch01 00kkafterkitchen04 01fence 02jenny4 03jenny
And the kitchen before... and after ... Back to my favorite walk in the world. The Towpath. Beautiful in the soft Autumn light An old friend - Jenny. She's a bit stuck up though. Its called the cold shoulder
04walk 05walk 06edward 07edward 08edward
A nice shot of the tow path smile Another old friend. he used to be a Show dog - and spent his time 'studding' We get on really well. I always recognise my own kind
10grass28 11grass   09white 12bj
Pose and look   And heres Billy- peeing where he shouldnt Visiting my friends Pete and Rachels dog BJ, who used to growl a lot - but is now becoming my friend. He's a crossJack Russel and Alsation.