Attacked on the Towpath - winter in Sun and snow

Winter 03
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An unfortunate incident with three undiciplined dogs - off the lead on the towpath... where they suddenlyl turned into a mad pack. A labrador bit into my back - and a Jack Russel locked onto my side. It was over in seconds following some violent behaviour in my defence.  

Tertius - the vet, said I was very brave when he cleaned out my wounds. Unfortunately - I was given this nasty collar - which made even a visit to the seaside not that much fun. 

At the start of the local coffee wars - here I am with my godsister. As you can see, I have a coffee on the table as well.   While I stayed to look after the house, they went to this hotel window view.   John's famous moment on the Slide of Courage 
06wildebeesthead29 07zebrafront21 08zebraside20 09cliff47 10rhino16
Wildebeest in Africa Friendly zebra   Same friendly Zebra   Cliff the leopard tortoise - freed from a squatter camp... Two of the famous (former Elephant killing) Rhinos of the Pilansberg. Now successfuly rehabilitated.
11sable30 flood1 flood2 fsnowwindo23 snowtree26
sable antelope   And while that was going on in Africa - the towpath was being flooded   The highest the river has been   after the floods - the snow   Snow covered tree 
palace1 palaceretta monta055 sunset  
Winter light over the Palace   Light over the Palace   My house guest - Montana   sunset from the grounds of the palace