Posted on 1 October 2004


What happens if Israel kills American soldiers?

Max, who you may already know is a Rottweiler, and a big fan of Bush, thinks Israel is a great example of how we should all live. He says they control the world.
This morning, walking in the beautiful autumn light, Max told us Israel can kill who ever they want, because no body will do anything about it. They can kill Palestinians and they even get to kill American soldiers without fear of censure.

Of course I told him this was nonsense. If the Israeli's attacked and killed dozens of American soldiers, they would be in trouble.
'Not so' said Max. 'Not only can they kill American Soldiers, they can kill who ever they want, and Americans will pay for the guns they use to do it.'
Well, you could have heard the laughter from the other dogs all the way to Thames Ditton.

Unfortunately for us, Max is right.

June 8, 1967. Israeli planes, supplied no doubt by US tax dollars, attacked an American ship - the USS Liberty, and killed 34 soldiers.
Quite possibly they attacked this US Intelligence ship because the USS Liberty was just 13 miles offshore from where Israeli soldiers were busy executing up to 1,000 Egyptian prisoners of War (US tax dollars going to more good use)and they feared the ship would discover their crimes.

'Guess what happened to the Israeli's for that little Liberty with American lives?' asked Max before answering his own question

Around another 42 Billion Dollars in Military Aid........

If I was an American soldier, I would be finding out mores about America's relationship with Israel.

If I was an American taxpayer I would wonder about the way my money was being spent. Almost 50 Billion dollars of American tax dollars directed toward military support for Israel and resulting in 100 000 dead Palestinians seems to suggest.........

Max rules the towpath today. None of us smaller dogs can get a word in edgeways on this argument.

Does anyone know why America continues sponsoring the ongoing indiscriminate killings that Israel perpetuates on a daily basis? Surely they would not be paying for something they didnt want themselves?


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